Monday, January 11, 2010

Sewing Retreat Comes to a Close

My sewing retreat is coming to a close.  For my birthday I treated myself to the one thing I never have enough of: time.  Time to spend doing something I really enjoy.  I took three days off of work (plus I had the weekend for 5 whole days!!) and spent most of the time sewing!  Here's a few stats from my sewing retreat:

Hours spent sewing:  35

Hours spent plotting and planning future projects: 7

Hours spent reading about sewing: 6

Projects almost completed: 4

Panic moments: 1 (said panic moment involved stitching the waistband of a skirt on wrong--but it all turned out alright...David volunteered to take the really tight seam out with a seam ripper for me--he's got great attention to detail and it saved the day!!)

I've got some pieces I am really excited about that are almost finished!!  I am hoping to complete all the finishing (hemming, plackets, etc) by the end of the week and I promise to post some pictures as soon as they are finished.

On my birthday I also got a big surprise--David got me a new sewing machine!  It's a Singer model from the 1980's which I have named 'Lucy'.  It's amazingly fast and has a lot of features my older 50's singer doesn't have (like zig-zags, back stitching, and really tight stitches).  I love it.  I've used it almost exclusively this weekend and it has been amazing.  Here's a picture of Lucy:



  1. Sounds like it was a successful retreat!

  2. Whoa - didn't you have really terrible weather during all of this? You must have been fully planned and prepared to be able to hunker down and get all of this done. My daughter in London said it was absolutely awful down there.

  3. YES! We did have horrible weather--I basically had all the supplies I needed...except zippers (hence the hook and eye closures on some things). It's slowly getting better but really cold!!

  4. Wow, a new sewing machine, congratulations - it looks great! I'm so relieved you don't have to make do with straight stitch anymore ;-)!

  5. Oh last comment answered haha


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