Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ms. February

She did not want to come out until the weather was warmer...and I'm afraid it's not much warmer than February here....but I convinced her!  Please say hello to Ms. February.  For those of you following my blog,  you will know that I am doing a monthly accessory challenge a la Ms. Talbot's 1943 "Complete Book of Sewing".  At the beginning of the year I developed my own accessory calendar following Ms. Talbot's advice.

Ms. February's accessory challenge: With a warm suit, carry a tweed or plaid bag and line one side of your hat with matching tweed or plaid.  Oh how I love tweeds and plaids and I'm definitely in the right country to get it!

 Jacket, shoes and purse: presents from my sweetiepie from Ness
Trousers: me-made with Simplicity #3688
Blouse: thrifted
Hat: Top Tottie Vintage (fab UK based etsy store)

And the hat from the front--see the matching fabric?

 Ness doesn't sell their fabric, so I had to get a bit crafty to get that piece of fabric for the hat.  I bought one of their bucket hats for cheap on ebay and took out the stitching to get the fabric:

Actually, I should say David helped me take my idea and make it a reality.  He was able to visualize how the bucket hat could be used to get the fabric to fit the tilt hat--and made it happen.  Isn't he great?  Check out the detail on the back:

Here's some more pictures of the outfit:

Oh, and this is Ms. February's mansion.  Nevermind that she is on the outside of the wall...it's only because she's just been inspecting the outer wall.....everything looks good...

love my new trousers:

Doesn't this look like a much older (older than 1941) silhouette?  What year does this look like??

I have a feeling Ms. February will be out and about a lot this spring!

Now I am completely caught up with my accessory calendar.  Check out Ms. January and Ms. March and don't forget to accessorize!


  1. You look great. I love that everything matches and that jacket is fabulous.

  2. Ms. February is a stunner! Seriously, you look like about million dollars there. Props to Mr. Sweetie for helping to supply this look!

  3. Oh, this is just great. The TWEED! It is totally, totally adorable. And the hat is super saucy.

  4. Oh wow that's gorgeous! Can't wait to see what Ms March looks like!

  5. Nothing is more useful that a wool plaid jacket - you can wear it with so many things that will coordinate with it. The whole outfit is fab but I love the jacket.

  6. Very cute. Those colours really suit you.

  7. Oh, my! You look smashing, doll! Love how everything coordinates. I love your trousers, too, and am on a hunt to find the pattern. :)

  8. Only need to say:

    "Love your style, love your pictures, love your colours, love ..."

    Greetings from Germany

  9. Hee! It's such a cute outfit. I think because of the little straw hat it has an Edwardian thing going.

  10. Stunning!
    Oh, I do like your tilt hat! What a great idea about the bucket hat (lurve the back detail too) You remind me of Diana Quick and the palatial mansion could be Brideshead

  11. Very Polished! I got the pattern in the mail 2 days ago! So excited to get moved and have my sewing room set up. Will send you a link when I get started.

  12. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! It was so much fun to do!

    Lisette: I agree that it's got the feel of another era as well (definitely Edwardian).

    Lo: YAY! glad you got it...good luck with the move!

  13. David Lawrence GrantApril 01, 2010 1:08 PM

    Thanks for mentioning me, sweetiepie, but you did all the work and design - I just helped with a minor detail.
    The trousers look AMAZING! You're so lovely!

    I'm so happy that you've found a passion for sewing, and glad that there are so many people here supporting your efforts and sharing ideas. Great fun.

  14. Wow! That looks incredible!

  15. Love the outfit! You did a great job.

  16. You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It does have that 40s does Edwardian country manor ladies riding garb look to it, which has me absolutely swooning. The best part: you get to be in environs which complete the look. Just WONDERFUL!

  17. The trick with the bucket hat was very clever. I love it when stuff like that works out!

  18. Hi!

    You look lovely :D I made those trousers last year in the beginners sewing class I took...I have to say I found it rather stressful due to a less than helpful teacher & an oversized class.

    Unfortunately as I am rather sensitive to wool the wool mix fabric I chose did not bode well agasint my skin, so they are still sat in a pile waiting for someone to partially line them before I can wear!

    Love your blog; it is an inspiration for anyone into both sewing & vintage.

    V x


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