Monday, August 9, 2010

Historic Nye Beach, Oregon

One of my favorite things about the Pacific Northwest is the Oregon Coast.  I just got back from a trip to Newport, Oregon which is a lovely coastal town.  Newport has been a resort destination since the 1800's.  One of the highlights both then and now is Historic Nye Beach.

This beach holds special significance for me because it's where David and I held a bonfire with our family and friends after our wedding!

We went early in the day and practically had the beach to ourselves!

Sweater and trousers? Yup, it's the Oregon even though it's August--it was only about 65 degrees.


  1. Oh, sweetipie, you look amazing!
    I wish I were there with you. I love the pic of you on the bench.

    Hurry home.

    Love you!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I'm going to imagine that I'm THERE instead of in this hot 100 degree heat :)

  3. Debi, I'm curious about where in OR you're from. I grew up in Portland but live in a very small town about 30 miles inland from Lincoln city. I love those pants and am dying to make a pair myself. I'm a totally novice seamstress who loves vintage styles and find reading your blog really inspirational.

  4. How romantic! You look sensational, Debi! :)

  5. Thanks everyone! Heather-- I'm actually from Vancouver, WA but I live in Scotland now--so just home for a short trip. You should DEFINITELY try making the pants! It was a very easy pattern to work with. The fabric I used was fantastic (I actually was lucky enough to find in a charity shop). My recommendation would be to go for lightweight wool with some stretch. Having these pants made out of a fabric with some stretch has made them fantastically comfortable!


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