Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Sew Grateful Week} Giveaways Part 3

YAY! I hope you are all enjoying this week as much as I am!  Today, I have the last giveaways round-up posts (oh yes...four posts in total) and hopefully the round-up post for patterns and tutorials!

In case you missed it, here are the last two giveaways round-up posts:
Giveaways Post 1
Giveaways Post 2
I'm super excited about today's post of, here we go...

The Stacie Thinks She Can Giveaway for Anna Maria Horner Pattern

I'm very excited for this first giveaway from Stacie who blogs over Stacie Thinks She Can.  You see, this is her second time participating in one of the Sew Grateful Weeks. As she says..
"I learned to sew from amazing teachers at a now closed sewing lounge in Houston. The last night before the liquidation I was in a jeans making class. The owner, Sara, was nice enough to let us have first dibs on the inventory for half off. In my frenzied sense of loss over the store closing I bought just about one of every pattern they had [including the pattern pictured above]. I never got around to making it, but I would love to send some of that Sew Crafty mojo forward. The store and amazing people in it actually changed my life and gave me a new creative outlet. This giveaway represents how grateful I am for the amazing seamsters that have been such a great influence in my life"
Up for grabs is this amazing Anna Maria Horner 'Socialite Dress' pattern (This pattern accommodates size XS, S, M, L and XL).  To win, just leave Stacie a comment on her giveaway post about what you are grateful for.  The giveaway is open to everyone and she will select a winner on Friday, February 10th.

The Cation Designs Giveaway for a Vintage Pattern

I was thrilled to have found the Cation Designs blog this last year and I think I could spend hours browsing through it.  We have similar geek-tastic tastes, in fact, I have a feeling we could easily spend a day watching the Lord of the Rings Extended versions together whilst embroidering (sounds like a great day, no?).

Up for grabs is this fab 70's pattern in a B36 size.  Here's what she says about the pattern...

"Why a 1970s pattern, when that era seems to get very little love in the fashion world? See, it's all thanks to my mom that I'm even doing this. She taught me to use our old Singer, which has unfortunately gone to its well-deserved rest since then. She started me off with a bean bag, and twenty years later, here I am drafting my own qipao pattern! If I remember correctly, she learned to sew when she was in her teens, right around the 70s; her good friend's father was a tailor, so she learned to make her own shirts, dresses, and pants. She says she's never made a coat, though, so I guess I'll have to figure that out on my own. Anyway, since she was making her clothes in the 70s, so this pattern is actually close to something she might have worn. And to be honest, I'm coming around to 70s patterns. The 80s and 90s, though, that's another story"
How fabulous is that?  To be entered in the giveaway, just follow the Cation Designs blog (and trust me, when I say it's fabulous) and leave a comment on her giveaway post.  The giveaway is only open to those in North America and closes at the end of Sew Grateful Week, on Sunday, February 12, 2012, at 11:59 PM PST. You'll need to court the spirits of, and look for the winner on the following Monday.

The BeeBee's Vintage Dress Giveaway for Two Patterns

Stevie who blogs over at Beebee's Vintage Dress is offering up two patterns in her giveaway.  I also had the chance to meet Stevie last May at the UK meet-up in London and we had such a fabulous time...I've enjoyed seeing all her projects since then!  She is hosting a great giveaway--up for grabs is Butterick 5030 or Vogue Pattern 1189. Both are wrap dresses (sized 16 to 22) in factory folds!

All you have to do is be a follower of Beebee's Vintage Dress blog and leave a comment for Stevie this week on her giveaway post with a way for her to contact you if you win.  As Stevie says...

"I just want to say thanks to the whole sewing community. You've made me feel part of something very special and I no longer feel like sewing is a solitary hobby!"

The Sew *Seam-Rip* Repeat Giveaway for a Seam Allowance Guide

The lovely Montana who blogs over Sew *Seam-Rip* Repeat (great blog name) is hosting a fun giveaway for a seam allowance guide.  I've been seeing this all over the internet and I'm really excited for this giveaway.  Basically, a seam allowance guide attaches onto your scissors (by magnet) and automatically measures the seam allowance onto the pattern. No longer do you have to measure and trace around each individual piece, the Seam Allowance Guide will do that for you while you cut out your fabric. Perfect for BurdaStyle, Marfy or any other patterns that don't include seam allowances!

To enter this giveaway, just leave Montana a comment on her giveaway post (and check out her lovely blog while you are there) about something you are grateful for!  The giveaway will be open until midnight on Tuesday, February 14th.

The Hectic Eclectic Giveaway for Five Vintage Patterns

MrsC who blogs over at one of my favourite blogs to follow, Hectic Ecletic, is offering up FIVE vintage patterns to a lucky winner! As she says...
"I collect stuff to do with sewing, that I don't always get to use. Included in this is a stash of delightful vintage patterns.  Sew Grateful week has got me thinking about how much better it is for patterns to be out there being used and enjoyed, not stuck in a crate in my sewing room never to be made up."
In this giveaway there is (from top left clockwise direction):
  1. Maudella 1376, girl's pattern size 11-12 years (still in cellophane).  It looks like it would size up for a smaller person without too much trouble and is super 60's cute.
  2. Weigels 2702, size 32 bust. Princess seamed dress with button through front.
  3. Maudella 5143, bust 38. Maternity smock and skirt.  As MrsC says "I really like the styling of the middle view, I reckon it would look good on anyone, expecting or not."
  4. Maudella 5328, bust 38 wedding dress, probably late 60's.  The instruction sheet is missing but it looks like a fairly self explanatory patterns (by the way, she found this pattern listed on ebay for 18 Euros!!!)
  5. Simplicity 5546, bust 34. Full skirted dress with detachable collar.
YAY! Something for every age and stage!  To enter, just become a follower of Hectic Eclectic (if you aren't already) and leave a comment on MrsC's giveaway post saying which pattern you like best and how you would make one up, any further information about Maudella or Weigels or anything you would like!  She is happy to post anywhere in the world and the giveaway is open until midnight the 12th of February (GMT time).

The Tilly and the Buttons Giveaway for Two Vintage Patterns

This next blogger probably needs no introduction (but I'm going to give one anyway ;)  The super lovely Tilly who blogs over at Tilly and the Buttons is hosting a giveaway for two swanky vintage patterns.  Tilly was the very first sewing blogger I ever met in real life! How nerve-wracking that was--but we had so much fun and I've enjoyed how we've shared our sewing adventures with each other over the last two years!  Here's what Tilly says...

"Due to craziness going on in various areas of my life recently, I have been posting less frequently and reading other sewing blogs more sporadically than my previous twice-daily fix. I'm hoping things will calm down by March and I'll have a bit more time in sewing blog land, but in the meantime just to say that I do still consider being part of this network an important part of my life, and ogling the gorgeous things other sewing bloggers make brings me so much pleasure. I love you guys!

Enough gushing, I am British after all. Onto the giveaway. This isn't any old rubbish I'm trying to fob off on you, readers, oh no. These are two patterns I really love, but I can't see myself making them up in the immediate future, so if you can, that's great."
The first pattern in the giveaway is Butterick 3030, a semi-fitted dress with princess seams, gorgeous pointy collar and optional detachable contrast over collar. Probably from the late 1960s. It's a size 16, 36" bust. The second pattern up for grabs is Advance 8622. One version is a functional sleeveless top, the other features a button back design and chic roll collar. It's a size 20 or 40" bust.

Two people can win one pattern each. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on Tilly's giveaway post saying which pattern you'd like to win (of if you like both, give your preference in case you're picked first). The deadline to enter is Sunday 12th February at midnight GMT and the two winners will be drawn at random. Don't forget to leave your email if it's not in your blogger profile so Tilly can contact you if you win.

A Sewing Odyssey Giveaway for a Vintage Pattern and Fabric

Last up is the wonderful Marie who blogs over at A Sewing Odyssey who raced home at lunchtime just to meet the deadline for the giveaway posts! I just love Marie's blog and we definitely share a love of vintage patterns!  As Marie says...
"I'm 'sew grateful' for very many things, but today I want to take the time to say a special thanks to you my dear readers. I want you to know that I appreciate each and every on of your comments and that the encouragement and advice you continue to give me is priceless.  And because actions speak louder than words, I am giving away something that I hope you'd be delighted to win any week of the year."
Up for grabs is Simplicity 5940 (B 39 size), a fabulous dress pattern AND 1.5 meters of beautifully breezy cotton voile.

This giveaway is open to anyone in the whole wide world and all you have to do is follow A Sewing Odyssey blog and leave a comment on Marie's giveaway post by midnight (GMT) on Sunday the 12th of February.  A winner will be randomly chose and will be announced on the following Monday.

There's still one more giveaway post coming up today as well as the patterns and tutorials posts!  This is so exciting! I hope you are loving this week as much as I am! :)



  1. Im loving sew grateful... so many great give ways patterns. I added “Cynthia Rowley” 2443 !!

  2. Its such a great idea for a week Debi, good work! I have finally just got round to putting up my giveaway, got a bit behind this week with work and uni! But now all the patterns I was going to bring to the pattern swap but forgot are up.

  3. Hi Debi, belatedly letting you know that I am taking part but have been here, there and everywhere for work this week and haven't been able to do a post but I'll get it up and ready for tomorrow! There's an apple shaped pincushion and an Amy Butler pattern.

  4. I'm so in! I've added V7829 to the list of giveaways! Thanks so much for doing this!

  5. it's so great to see how many other blogs are joining you for this week, debi!


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