Monday, February 13, 2012

{Sew Grateful Week} Patterns and Tutorials Part 3

I'm trying to catch up with all of the fabulous creations! Just a couple more posts to end the Sew Grateful Week! It's been so much fun hosting this and sharing all your wonderful creations, tutorials, patterns, giveaways and reflections!

This post will focus on the last of the patterns and tutorials from three fabulous ladies.  Here's the links to the previous posts in case you have missed any:

The Petite Main Sauvage Tutorial for Flared Culottes

Lauriana who blogs over at Petite Main Sauvage has a fabulous tutorial to make the flared culottes pictured above.  Here's what she says...
If I had ever made a list of weird items of clothing which are unloved by a vast majority of people to try and make work for me, I'd almost be through with it by now.  Shorts? Check. Jumpsuit? Check. Culottes?? And...check...

The thing is, I had the basic idea for very flared culottes at the back of my head for a year or so.  The fabric has been in my stash for at least as long. Once more, bought very cheaply one one of those everything-must-go crazy sales at the market where I found it among mountains of nasty polyester.  It's largely wool and has a rugged sort of texture.  I've liked it all along but I knew it would look frumpy in any kind of 'normal' garment.  Go for short or for a strange pattern, it seemed to say.  Last December, when I decided not to use this fabric for a wide skirt, the two finally came together.
I'm so glad they did! I just love the design.  Definitely check out the tutorial for step-by-step instructions for drafting your pattern pieces and creating these culottes.  Also, check out the blog post on Lauriana's own pair of culottes. I say, bring back the culottes!

The Perfect Nose Tutorial for Cloning Ready to Wear Boy Shorts

 I'm delighted to have found Tj's blog through the Sew Grateful Week! She blogs over at The Perfect Nose and she's come up with a brilliant tutorial for cloning ready to wear boy shorts!  Here's what she says...
"Following my (not very attentive) perusal of PatternMaking for a Perfect Fit by Steffani Lincecum (which I’ve reviewed here) I decided to clone some hipster trunks (read: boy-shorts for men) for my partner. My idea was to clone each of the boy-shorts I’d bought recently in really nice jersey and put some awesome contrast elastic* (thank me later) on top so he could have a rainbow of exciting underwear choices (as exciting as you can get without being kicked out of the men’s changing room at yoga/ making others feel too inferior). At this stage I had already traced out Kwik Sew’s**  K3298 boy-shorts so I could use them as a reference in case things went pear-shaped."
 Thanks so much Tj--this is a great tutorial!  You can check it out here and don't forget to peruse the rest of her blog and say hello (and a sneak peek that she has a giveaway going on that I'll mention in a post tomorrow OR later tonight...we'll see how it

The Cation Designs Tutorial for the Easiest DIY Maxi Dress Ever

I absolutely love this tutorial!  Once again, Cation Designs creates a fabulous outfit and now you can have it too with her easy peasy tutorial!  Here's what she says...
"This was the actually the first dress I made when I started sewing, right after two elastic-waisted skirts. And let me tell, you, this was even easier than the elastic skirts. It's really an awesome beginning sewist project, especially since it's so simple to get such a glamorous result. Every time I wear this, I get compliments on it, my husband loves it, and it is SO EASY... Mind, though the waist is very adjustable (it's entirely dependent on your having a nice wide belt), the length is based on my height, which is 5'5". If you're significantly taller, you'll need to cut a longer piece of fabric."
Fantastic! I just love it and want to make a bunch in lots of fun prints for summer (if that ever comes!)  Check out the Cation Designs tutorial with detailed instructions here!

That's it for the tutorials and patterns from Sew Grateful week. Thank you everyone for putting so much thought and time into making these! I know I'll be coming back to them again and again!

Now, I know I said I would wrap up Sew Grateful week today....but...I've still got some goodies to show you.  So we'll say goodbye to Sew Grateful Week officially tomorrow on Valentine's Day (or aka Karen's birthday). Adieu for now!


  1. Wow! I have some reading to do. Thanks for all the links.

  2. Wow. I'm grateful for all the time you gift to the sewing community. What a gem you are! I have jumped on the bandwagon and started up my own little blog and posted about what I am thankful for. It was a lovely process I must say - it made me feel very lucky. So thank you for that too! My current post shows the blouse I made with Winnie's pattern and the fabric I bought at Mandors - come swing by if you (ever) have a spare second! :-)

  3. Thanks for featuring my giveaway and tutorial. I appreciate the glowing recommendations greatly.


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