Sunday, April 21, 2013

Save the Date: Vintage Pattern Blitz

I am super excited to let you all know that several Etsy vintage pattern sellers are planning another Pattern Blitz to go live around the world on the 25th of April.  A pattern blitz means that these vintage pattern sellers list as many patterns as possible on one day (the 25th)--many with associated discounts and sales.

So, mark your calendars, you won't want to miss out!  The pattern blitz goes live at the stroke of 12:01 wherever the pattern seller is located.  I'll bring you a list of all the pattern sales and discounts as part of the pattern blitz but you'll want to keep an eye on Etsy since it lasts one day only!!

One discount that I know is already active is for the RetroMonkeys Etsy shop.  Mary has listed a week-long discount code 'BLITZ' for 20% off all vintage patterns at her shop.

There is also a new Vintage Pattern Marketplace website, which is a cooperative of vintage sewing pattern and supply dealers on Etsy!  On this website, you'll find links to all the member's Etsy stores...

You can believe me that I'll be camped out on Etsy on the 25th!  C'mon 1940 McCall patterns :-)

I hope you'll join me in supporting our independent vintage pattern sellers!



  1. Sounds exciting and definitely worth a look!

  2. Hm... any of them carry kids' patterns? :)

    1. yes! I think most of them do carry kid's patterns....I love vintage children's patterns!

    2. Debi is correct! A lot of our shops carry kids patterns. My shop: EmSewCrazy, has a whole section dedicated to "The Vintage Child" with fun kids patterns through several decades.

  3. Oh my goodness.... the temptation! Must put blinkers on :p

  4. How exciting, thanks so much Debi...and lovely sellers!!!

  5. Looking forward to listing lots of new patterns in my PatternsAndSuch shop on the 25th!

  6. I would never have known about this Blitz if you hadn't blogged about it, so thank you very much! I'm following you via Bloglovin' now so I won't miss out on any more of your posts :) thanks, Cassiefairy x

  7. This is fantastic! I'm so excited :)


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