Friday, December 25, 2015

The Thin Man: My Favourite Holiday Movie

We have a new holiday tradition – watching the 'Thin Man' movie.  Filmed in 1934, it features two of my favourite actors together, William Powell and Myrna Loy, for unforgettable on-screen chemistry. It also features some amazing art deco outfits!

Probably one of my favourite outfits, and one I am hoping to replicate someday, is Myrna's tartan and velvet ensemble:
I found a few patterns that could help recreate the look:

Upper left corner: 1930s New York dress pattern, middle left: 1930s Butterick bow blouse; lower left corner: 1930s instant download beret hat pattern; Right side: Adorable 1930s DuBarry dress and jacket pattern

For the bowed blouse, either the Butterick blouse or the New York dress pattern (upper left corner) would work under a jacket like the one from the DuBarry pattern. There's also the perfect beret hat pattern (with or without the bows)!

And for the mini Myrna look, a matching children's pattern:

How adorable is that?

Also, the film features some of the most divine coats.  I must say, I really love the high fur collar on this classic art deco coat:

Here's a few patterns to replicate the look:

Left: 1930s instant download coat pattern in any size; Middle: Mode du Jour Magazine from 1931; Right: 1930s Autumn Coat instant download pattern in any size.

Myrna also has several one-of-a-kind art deco ensembles such as this jacket:

It's hard to tell if the blouse is attached to the jacket as one piece or not (or if it's a faux blouse and just serves as the jacket front).  I haven't been able to find a pattern like this but it is evocative of glamorous jabots and neck pieces such as this pattern below from the NRA period (1933-35):

1930s Simplicity dress pattern featuring a gilet over a peplumed vest and open back dress

Finally, this pattern reminds me of all the jackets from the movie:

So much fun!

Happy holidays everyone!

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