Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New in the Pattern Stash: January

I found (with some help from a fellow blogger --thank you Sarah!) my DREAM 1940 McCall pattern:

I can't believe I found this pattern on eBay.  I've seen it up for sale three times before in the past eight years– but it's always gone for exorbitant sums!  I feel super lucky that I got it for a steal--and I can't wait to sew it up! 

I got McCall 3613 from the same seller, I just love the swing coat look from the early 40s: 

Yay! After a dry patch where I wasn't seeing any 1940 McCall patterns for sale – I got two gems!  Yippee....

What about you? Do you collect any particular patterns or have you found any good sewing deals that got you excited?

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  1. Hello sorry to be a pain, I can't find this design anywhere, I even looked on eBay and Amazon and no where has it, will there possibly be anyone you know that could sell them, my friend looking for one x


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