Monday, June 13, 2016

1940s Fabric Collaboration

I am currently working on a very exciting project.  I was recently approached by Contrado, a company that prints fabrics.  You can design your own fabric and get it printed onto any type of fabric, from cashmere to silk to cotton to you name it!  They have everything. Check out Handmade Jane's post on her tour of the factory.

I had always wanted to try printing my own fabric, but all the companies for doing this are based in the U.S., making it very expensive to order any fabric.  Until now! So I am delighted that this company is UK-based (and also family-run! double hurrah!). They let me try out their fabric printing service for an upcoming sewing project.

My inspiration for the fabric collaboration came from this 1940 Sears catalogue photo:

I'm using this pattern to try and recreate the look:

I'm almost done sewing (just need to attach the bodice to the skirt, insert zipper and sleeves and hem it).  Whoohoo.  Very excited.  Tomorrow David will share a guest post on how he designed the fabric based on the 1940 Sears Catalogue photo.

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