Tuesday, October 23, 2018

McCall 3557: The 'Agent Carter Suit'

Nothing says film noir like a good suit and this one is an absolute gem!

Meet McCall 3557, a skirt suit with an adorable fitted jacket and paneled skirt.  I made view C which is the short-sleeved version as I need a suit that I could wear across seasons and into warmer climates when going abroad for work travel.

I used an amazing synthetic wool type fabric that has great body.  The skirt has six gores/panels which makes it fall really nice.  The jacket also has really nice paneling and can be buttoned up to the top or if you don't button it all the way up then it also has a nice lapel.

Here's a great photo of it buttoned all the way up. The jacket sits just on the waist line which creates a very flattering effect.  The sleeves are plain with pleated sleeve caps and they end just above the elbow.

I had a fun time channeling one of my favourite characters -- Agent Carter--or Captain America's girlfriend and star of her own tv show-- for these photos!  

This is already my go-to outfit, I love it so much! I will definitely have to make this pattern again--perhaps in long sleeves as it's so versatile!

photography: Tigz Rice for outdoor shots and AltStudio for the film noir photos


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  1. I like the panels too! Decorative and allow more opportunity for shaping when needed or wanted.


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