Friday, July 12, 2019

Adventure 2 and 3: Dapper Day and Viva Las Vegas

Whooohooo...I'm making progress on my bucket list for my 40s.  This spring I completed two big things on my list-- going to Viva Las Vegas, the biggest rockabilly event in the world, and going to Dapper Day at Disneyland!

Let's start with Dapper Day.  I never really went to Disneyland as a child, it's only by getting into the vintage scene have I really started to appreciate Disneyland and all things Disney.

I think I was expecting to see more people in the actual park on Dapper Day--and we did see quite a few but gazillions of people go to it's like a drop in the bucket.

But there is a separate expo for Dapper Day where it was great to catch up with everyone. Folks dressed in mostly 1930s-1950s styles and lots and lots of vintage and vintage inspired vendors.

Overall, I would definitely go again...Disneyland is so much fun and I want to explore Euro Disney too. I think Dapper Day would be most fun with a large group of people--so I'm hoping the Edinburgh vintage ladies can come to one of the Dapper Days!

Next up: Viva Las Vegas:

Holy Macaroly! Viva Las Vegas was loads of fun and something that is quite easy to go to on your own or with a group of friends.

If you've ever been to a conference or an event in a hotel, it's like that but all the rooms are jumpin' with music and fabulously dressed people.

There were huge venues for the burlesque and music:

There were some vendors but I was expecting a lot more vendors (and the vendors at Dapper Day were better in my opinion!).

But there were some good vintage shops and I did get one of my favourite dresses from Swanky's Vingage:

A highlight was the car show....I'm so in love with classic cars and they have some of the best. I also hear it's one of the largest classic car shows in the world....swoon!

I had an awesome time hanging out with Liz and Matt and just wandering off by myself and dancing like crazy to music....

I also got the chance to venture out and explore downtown Vegas and get some awesome photos from @spikeandthecamera! What a crazy and fun place. Was a blast....

Loved all the lights:

The pink slipper in downtown vegas (photo by Spike):

Viva Las Vegas was an AWESOME experience and I think I might have to go every year or every other year. It will definitely move from bucket list item to staple in my social life. It's just so nice to meet up with people that are into all the same things you are....the vintage community is amazing.

So what's left? Here's the current state of my 40 adventures list...

The 40 Adventures for my 40s List (in no particular order...)

Places to Travel:
1.  Namibia and Botswana
2. Cuba
3. Bali and the Pacific
4. Jordan (DONE and blogged!)
5. Myanmar (did this as well but want to explore more!)
6. Greek Islands (did this as well--coming to the blog soon!)
7. Morocco
8. Egypt
9. Bolivia
10. Argentina and Patagonia
11. Easter Island
12. LA/Hollywood/Disneyland/Dapper Day (whoohoo!)
13. Hebrides Islands
14. Mongolia
15. Japan
16. Croatia (going here at the end of the month!)
17. Sri Lanka

18. Alaskan Cruise (doing this in August!)
19. Ice hotel + northern lights + reindeer
20. Multi-day steam train journey
21. Tall ship sailing
22. Steam ship sailing
23.  Tiger Moth or Spitfire experience
24. Hot air balloon in either Cappadocia or Bagaan
25. Floating in the Dead Sea (coming to blog soon!)
26. Cruise on the Nile
27. Touring the UK in a vintage car
28. Route 66 road trip
29. Learning to ride a motorcycle

30. Up Helly Aa
31. Attending an international film festival (either Cannes or Sundance)
32. Vienna Opera Ball
33. Celebrating Carnival 
34. Attending Gertie's Sewing Retreat in NY
35. Lantern Festival in Thailand
36. Attending Viva Las Vegas (DONE!)
37. Goodwood Festival
38. Attending a swing dance camp
39. Seeing Wagner's Ring Cycle at the Bayreuth Festival

40. Freebie (to be decided later)

Are any of these things/places on your list?

Awesome photos by @spikeandthecamera
MUAH by @lizcarrillomua

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  1. Dapper day in CA was blacked out for most passholders this year, which is why there weren't a lot of people dressed up. There's usually a ton of folks.


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