Thursday, August 2, 2018

McCall 3718: The 'Glamour Girl Slip'

Welcome to my love of 1940 McCall patterns, where even the slips are glamorous!

This was my first time ever making a vintage slip and what a gem McCall 3718 is as a pattern.  The slip itself is almost like a dress (in fact, it could be a dress!)  I made it out of cream coloured silk fabric.

The pattern itself features a scooped neckline with slight gathering under the bust, thin shoulder straps, a paneled, slightly flaring skirt and a side zipper.

I did a hand picked zipper insertion --which looks best (and was easiest) with the silk fabric.

I'm incredibly picky about my slips and usually only wear half slips. I think this vintage pattern solves my dislike for slips as this serves the purpose of both camisole and slip all in one and of course the fit and flare goes perfectly with my other 1940 McCall patterns.  There are three slip patterns in the 1940 catalogue and I can't wait to make the others.  I'm thinking maybe black for the next slip?

These amazing photos (the first one and the last one) were take by Veronika Marx (V's Anchor Studio)--and I just love how she captures the glamour era--makes me feel like I should be lounging in my slips all the time! :) 
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