Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The 1940s Yellow Bow Blouse and Pattern Pyramid Giveaway

I'm in love with this blouse – cute little yellow bows on a subtle blue background and a classic 1940s style.

Meet Economy Design 157. I originally won this pattern in a pattern giveaway which I tracked around the world. Read the story of how the power of perseverance brought this pattern into my life!

It is still so graceful, beautiful and fragile as it was when it came into my life 7 years ago.

 There are so many options with this pattern including adding lace trim to the collar and sleeve details. I did that for this blouse with a very subtle yellow lace to make the fabric pattern really pop.  The sleeve has an awesome pleat (which is actually very hard to iron...lol...as you can see in this photo).

The pattern can be made with just one yard of 36 inch fabric--which makes it perfect for feedsack or small amounts of precious fabric.This is because it does not have any side openings and the front placket is fake.  This pattern slips over the head with an extended front neck slit that closes with a small button at the neck:

I've made this blouse pattern before including in an awesome feedsack fabric (read the blog post here):

And in from this awesome midcentury pillowcase fabric (read the blog post here):

Overall, I am quite pleased with this lace trimmed version...a nice addition to many of the separates in my closet including this 1950s navy skirt:

Oh and the yellow petticoat:

The other thing that is really neat is that the collar is scalloped -- something I don't see a lot of in vintage patterns (blouses at least)...and I love how the lace looks on the collar:

The adorable fabric is from Gertie's previous fabric line. I actually have a Montgomery Ward fabric swatch sample book from 1943 and they have some very similar prints in that book--cute and subtle bow shapes in pastel colours on blues and other colourways. 

I, of course, had to show off this blouse in the beautiful Edinburgh landscape.  Many thanks to Vanity Thrills for creating a period perfect hairdo and to Darja for taking these fab photos (all except the yellow blouse photo which was taken in Myanmar by Shoot My Travel).

So given that I got this pattern in a massive giveaway, I think it's time to do another giveaway of my own.  So over the next couple of days, I'll be giving this pattern away over at my Instagram account @ms1940mccall.  You can also enter the giveaway here. I will be giving a bundle of patterns and the winner can take one pattern from the bundle and then promise to host their own giveaway with the remainders (you can also add patterns to the mix) in the spirit of the original pattern pyramid giveaways.  Leave a comment here or on the Instragram post by September 3rd to win.

The patterns in the giveaway include a 1920's girls coat, a 1939 gown pattern (bust size 38), the original Economy Design blouse (bust size 34), a 1940 McCall dress (bust size 32), a 1940s Mccall blouse (bust size 30), a 1950s Advance dress pattern (bust size 35), a 1960s coat, suit and blouse pattern (bust size 36) and a Tilly and the Buttons coco pattern (bust sizes 30-44).

YAY! Good luck and long live the Pattern Pyramid!!!

If you want to enter: 1. Follow this blog, 2.  leave a comment below or on my @ms1940mccall instagram account and tag two of your sewing friends and 3. let me know which pattern you want and what fabric/colours you would make it in! YAY! Good luck! I'll choose a random winner on the 3rd of September.


Monday, August 19, 2019

Adventure 4: Greece

Woohoo! It's been a busy summer. But I have another adventure that I've recently taken from my 'bucket list' of 40 adventures for my 40's in 1940s style! See my list of planned adventures at this link.

Greece has always been high on my list and it's so close to where I live in the UK (comparatively to all the longhaul international travel I do for work). When my dear kitty passed away this year, I thought it was time to treat myself to a bit of self-care. So I signed up to an SJE trip --which is basically a holiday plus photoshoots.  What better way to meet new people but also get some great shots from my adventure and document my me-made and vintage outfits? Sign me up!

We stayed at an amazing self-catering villa. Everything we needed (view, comfort, pools, gym, etc) was there! It was so amazing and relaxing!

And I met a fabulous bunch of people!  Lots of different models from fitness folks to alternative models to fantasy and pin-up/vintage. It was so much fun meeting everyone! And the photographers were great as well (Simon Morton, Sally Sparrow, Brett Seeley, and Jody Wright).

There were several highlights from the trip! One was going on a catamaran out in the Mediterranean at sunset. I even wore my 1940s sailor dress (yay!):

Another huge highlight was going into the Mykonos town. It is classically Greek with white buildings and flashes of blue colour. So pretty and picturesque. The streets were small and winding. Here I'm wearing another me-made dress from a 1950s pattern:

Another great trip was hanging out at the Mykonos beach. While it was busy, we had our own beds and umbrellas and there were cafes that dotted the boardwalk.  Was so relaxing and I got to wear my 1940 me-made swimsuit:

Lastly, the views were just phenomenal and the owners of the villa also owned a vintage Rolls Royce that I got to take some photos with and imagine that I lived there and rocked the island lifestyle! hahaha. I love it so much!

Now that I've tasted Greece, I definitely want to explore more of the islands! Have you ever been? Is it on your bucket list?

Photos by @jody_wright1 and @sallysparrow_photography and make-up by @makeupbyemilyanna and shoes from Bait Footwear

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