Saturday, November 14, 2009

My First EVER vintage sewing project

I am super happy to start sewing from vintage patterns. I have never really done any sewing before but I LOVE vintage clothing and patterns. Anything from the early 1900's (and even earlier, I love Edwardian and Regency clothing as well) to the 1970's.

I decided to start with a pattern that said "simple to make". It is for Simplicity pattern 2756 for a one piece dress. I chose the version that has a detachable collar and cuff (the one on the right).

I decided to make 4 different collar and cuff combinations (I know, I just jump right in...). I am very happy to say that I just finished (well, almost...I still need to do the hem) the first version which has a mustard colour collar and cuff.

I originally started a muslin test run of this dress back in NYC. So this project has followed me to my new home in Scotland. It has gone through a couple of teachers and two sewing machines.

I am super happy about how the dress turned out. I just need to do the hem (not sure what length I want) and I think I am going to shorten the sleeves because they are a bit too long. Here's a picture of me wearing it (I tacked up the sleeves a bit and it's still not hemmed yet...):

So, despite it being a 'detachable' collar and cuff, I still had to sew them in! I guess every time you want to change the collar or cuff, you just do a quick sew (no last minute decisions!) I am wondering if there is an easier way to attach them rather than slipstiching to the facing? In the meantime, I think I am going to change the collars/cuffs up according to seasons. Here's what the other ones will look like (they aren't sewn on yet....just draped over).

YAY! I learned so much doing this dress! It was the first time I ever did anything--put in a zipper, sew seams or darts, put in seam binding, use interfacing and sew a hem!!!

I have some GREAT shoes to wear with this dress. I just need to get a yellow belt and purse and I'm all set to go out on the town! Maybe I should wear this dress dancing?


  1. You should definitely wear that dress dancing. It's cute. I find it really funny though that the interchangable collar and cuffs require sewing. People were so much more industrious a few decades ago.

  2. What a great dress. You look smashing.

  3. Thanks Trudy! I love your blog as well!


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