Friday, February 5, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: 1938 Frocks

Not to sound like a broken record, but have I told you how much I love McCall patterns?  This week's fashion inspiration comes from the October 1938 McCall's magazine.


Check out these beauties!!  The one on the left is McCall 9918 and according to McCall's magazine: "Peacock is the new accessory color to use with black.  A little is smarter than a lot, and in the dress above we used only a little--to face its long narrow collar, cut in one with the yoke."

The dress in the middle (my favorite!!) is McCall 9896: "Tall panels of contrasting color make fall dresses look exciting.  Put the darker shade outside, as in the blue-and-wine frock, for slimmest effect.  This dress has the neckline for a pretty neck."

The last dress is McCall 9932:" Silk-and-tinsel brocades are lovelier than ever.  The brown-and-gold dress is made of this fabric.  After the fabric, the yoke is the most important point.  Everything has yokes this year."

Which is your favorite?



  1. I love 9918 - the gathers at the yoke, the panels on the skirt and the little contrasting collar. So beautiful. Not sure about the dead animal accessory though!! :-) I really love bias-cut skirts at the moment. They really drape so beautifully.

  2. I love the one on the right, but in the blue color. So when are you making them? ;)

  3. They're all gorgeous, but I particularly like the one in the middle. I also like the detailing and colours of the one on the left. So elegant.

  4. Hm... I don't think I can choose, they are all so gorgeous. But I AM dressed in the same colours as the one on the left today (black with a touch of petrol underneath, that shows around the neckline) and one of my very favourite accessories is my grandmother's fox (exquisite!) so I guess I am already stylistically related to that one!

  5. I will be honest... I love the lace hat and the black dress. I think it's very sofisticated and the teal collar adds that extra "pop" that you need to make it not look like a funeral dress. But that hat! I LOVE it!


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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