Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring suits on the brain

I've been daydreaming about vintage suits lately! I am really itching to make up a few this spring!  They are perfect for the Scottish weather and you can wear them to work....  Here's a few that I've had on the brain...

I got this AMAZING 1940 suit pattern from my lovely sister for my birthday:

And I'm dying to make up this 1950s/60's suit.  I actually featured it in my spring palette but I don't think I'll get it sewed up before the end of the month--but I do plan on tackling this sometime before the summer! I love how Joan-esque it is:

And I've mentioned this one before....but I absolutely adore this Eva Dress reproduction pattern.  I particularly like the jacket.  I'd probably do a sheath dress underneath (as opposed to a wrap dress)...but the jacket is STUNNING:

This would be the perfect jacket for the Tailoring Sew-Along I'm hoping to participate in....

Lastly, I'm almost done with my UFO suit:
Thanks for all your lovely comments on the UFO post--I'm going to tackle all of my UFO's this next month! YAY!

What sewing ideas have been on your brain lately?


  1. Oh my gosh Debi, that suit pattern you got as a gift is just gorgeous - I can't wait for you to make it up.

    The only sewing project I have in mind at the moment is finishing Michael's collared shirt. It is for his b'day on the 16th April, so I need to get moving!

  2. All of those jackets are lovely. I want one of each!

    I have dresses on the brain.

  3. Love that old McCall's pattern up top, Debi!

  4. I have some spring suit patterns, but as I work from home I may be slightly overdressed ;o)

    I do love them though, they are so smart!

  5. Do keep us posted on your suit progress! I bought an amazing pattern for a suit but since I'm still pretty new to the sewing game, such a tailored item may be biting off more than I can chew right now. Even though I'm just dying to make it!
    And since it's an early 50's pattern, there's no mention of linings and all those fiddly things that make a suit jacket what it is so I'm rather petrified.
    Oh and not to mention it asks you to EASE a bust princess cut section in. EEP!
    This is the pattern I speak of

  6. I'm not sure what it is about a suit, even what you might call a 'two piece dress' (which I know my mom would have called the top pattern you got as a gift)which is just more glamorous and kitted out than a dress (no matter how fancy or fine). but whatever it is, suits are great, even in lightweight fabrics.

  7. spring suits in linen are also tempting me....

  8. I really like the jackets - I'm on the search for a indoor/outdoor style. I want something for chilly days to wear around town, so I need a style that will compliment many dresses....

  9. What lovely suits! I picture you on a train platform with a tweed traveling case, checking your watch for the next train - these are all divine styles! I'm so excited for your UFO this week!

  10. I've been dying to make a spring suit as well. I found a 1940's, full color magazine spread about spring suits a few months ago and I've been searching for the perfect pattern ever since. The jacket from that eva dress pattern is incredible!! I'm waiting till after my baby boy is born so I can fit it all properly. Also on my mind are 1940's summer shorts, my first attempt at a 1950's swimsuit and a few more blouses.

  11. Good for you on finishing your UFOs! I'm trying to make myself finish a bunch before making a new dress that I've been dreaming about.

  12. I have suits on my mind as well . . . I love that you will be finishing your UFO suit. And that 60s pattern has caught my eye. I'm normally not as big a fan of the 60s, but I do like their suits.

  13. All those suits are absolutely gorgeous! I've been wanting to sew a suit, but it seems unreasonable seeing as it's almost summer here in Texas meaning temps will be around 105F :/ So I've been trying to make dresses of thin and light fabrics (: Can't wait to see your finished UFO suit!


  14. Congratulations Debi on winning your category of the Eva Dress competition. As you have been sewing for only a short time you should feel very proud. Well Done!

  15. They look good Debi am hunting for skirt and blouse seperates.
    cant wait to see the end result.

  16. These are all such great options--I can see why you're slightly obsessed with the idea of spring suit! :) I particularly love the first one; the soft tie belt at the waist is such a pretty element...

    ♥ Casey


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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