Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{Ness Lovelies} 1940's Inspired

I'd thought I would revisit two of my staple me-made items this week!  The blouse is the very first garment I made as part of the Sew Weekly challenge!  Actually, come to think of it--another iteration of this blouse was also the very first sewing garment I ever made!  The skirt is from a 1940 McCall pattern and I absolutely love the lines.

I paired the outfit with Ness's Bag of the Week: the Andrea bag (on sale this week).  This handbag is definitely 1940's inspired and also comes in a tartan of Autumn colours called 'Russet'.  I just love the size and the classic look of the handbag.  Of course, the red strap is such a nice touch!  Last month I picked up several belts from an estate sale when I met up with Solanah from Vixen Vintage and this red one is one of my favourites and matches the handbag strap perfectly!

This pagoda was set up as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and it's still at the Fringe headquarters, called The Hub.  Visitors to The Hub during the Festival were given their own wishing ribbon to hang from the Pagoda, which was designed by Edinburgh artist, Rachel George.  Also during the festival an exhibition of work by local school pupils inspired by eastern art and traditions accompanied the pagoda.

I just love how all the ribbons float in the wind.  I hope all the wishes have come true!

The Hub is in an old church--they've converted it into a really neat gathering space with a cafe.

The Hub also happens to be right across from the main Ness store on the Royal Mile!  I went in to see the new Henriette shoes in person.  ack.  Love them!!!  I'm definitely saving up for a pair of the teal ones!

Blouse: Made by me from a 1943 pattern

Skirt: Made by me from a 1940 pattern

Belt: Thrifted

Handbag: Ness


  1. This is such an elegant outfit, the bright red belt is really what makes the difference. And I love the photos, looking great as always! :-)

  2. What a gorgeous outfit. So stylish. I love everything about it... the collar, the sleeves, the buttons, the shape of the skirt, the lovely red belt... and that bag. But I have to say, those teal shoes would finish it off to a t!;-)

  3. Gorgeous outfit and gorgeous pictures Debi! I really love the red door you're posing in front of too, how lovely!

  4. Oh, how crisp and clean the navy, white and red look! At table last night, we were discussing names that are out of style right now. "Agnes" is not a name you hear much in nursery school. As you are on-the-ground in Scotland, and I am in North Carolina, I defer to your investigative skills. Are "Ness" and "Nessie" nicknames for "Agnes"?

  5. You totally rock this look! I agree with Lin - the white, navy, and red look so well together and let your Ness bag shine!

  6. You look fantastic as usual my friend. The setting with the red flags is just stunning and such a perfect contrast to your colors. those shoes so remind me of some my Mom wore. She bought them all her life in fact. She died in 1978.

  7. I have complete and utter Ness envy! For some reason, my husband can't why I need to buy a pair of shoes (or two!) and a bag (or two!) that are basically double the listed price by the time you factor in international shipping to Canada.

  8. CUTE! Love the entire outfit, head to toe. That purse is adorable! I love how fun their plaids are (although really, I go for plaids of all kinds).

  9. I've actually never been to the hub! I love the pagoda with the ribbons! You are looking lovely as always. xx


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