Sunday, November 20, 2011

{Blogiversary Week} What's Next?

It seems best to end my blogiversary week by thinking ahead....what do I want to focus on in my third year of sewing/blogging?  

Following my Whim
I'm quite looking forward to going with the flow next year and working on projects that get me excited and that strike my fancy at any given moment.  This year has been very structured and it has been exactly what I needed and wanted.  This past year allowed me to explore lots of different styles and time periods.  I have loads of ideas and projects I want to do (and a growing pattern and fabric stash) and I'm excited to see when certain projects will come to the forefront this next year!
Despite my desire to follow my whim next year....there's also a few things I know for certain I want to do...

Put my house in order
Quite sewing room is a HOT MESS! (lol).  I look forward to using some of my creativity and time to sort out a space that will allow my creativity to flourish! I feel a bit cramped and disorganised and I know I am not using my space wisely.  Time to draw some inspiration from other creative ladies and get the place to be exactly how I would imagine my creative space to be.

The other thing?  My blog....oh deary, I can't find anything on my blog.  First up is to go back and tag all my posts (I've started already) and to create menus so that my blog is a bit more searchable.  It's a bit sad when I have to go to the Sew Weekly archives to figure out when I made a certain garment so that I can then find it on my blog! I have lots of other fun ideas for the blog but those are the first steps.  I realise I need to learn a bit more about computers and design and look forward to exploring that new (to me) territory.

Big(ger) Projects
I am very much itching to delve into some BIG projects! All I can think about are suits, suits and more suits, tailoring, gowns, embroidery, etc!  All the things I haven't had the time to really explore this year.  I look forward to taking my time and going DEEPER into projects (hello Gertie's Bombshell course!)  My posts may look a bit different next year as the pace slows down a bit.  The upside is that I'm looking forward to sharing more of the process with all of you and learning from you all DURING the process (as opposed to after a garment is finished)!!  That will be so much fun!  I do plan to have several mini-challenges throughout the year (much like this week has been) just to keep that different kind of challenge going!

Regular Features
Sew Country Chick did ask me this last week if I was going to participate in the Sew Weekly next year.  The answer is yes but only as a regular column contributor (monthly?)  For that feature, I am planning on taking modern patterns and giving them a vintage twist!  I also look forward to occassionally completing the weekly challenges as a Sew Weekly Circle community member.
I'm also still planning on completing my Sewing through the Decades challenge.  I'm making blouse/jackets/tops from each year from 1931 to 1949.  I've completed several projects already but look forward to picking that back up again!

Three new things I would love to focus on for sure next year:
  • Vintage office attire (did I already mention my current obsession with suits?)
  • Inspiration from classic movies--I'd love to sew up a few iconic movie outfits
  • Vintage patterns--I really want to explore different brands of vintage patterns across various decades
Becoming More Involved
There are several online communities that I would like to spend more time contributing to, namely:
  • Pattern Review
  • BurdaStyle
  • Sew Weekly Sewing Circle
  • Sew Retro 
 I'd like to also do more through my Facebook page!

I'm happy to say that despite a hectic year, I have even more energy and enthusiasm for my next year of sewing and blogging!

Thanks again for making my blogiversary week so special!!  Here's to another year of friendship and creativity!!!  xoxoxoxo 


  1. You've got so many fantastic ideas, I'm really looking forward to another year following and seeing what you get up to! Really love the iconic movie outfits plan. Have you seen Bringing up Baby? There's a few Katherine Hepburn outfits I can really see you in!

  2. I know the ladies and gents of Sew Retro are all eager to see what you'll work on next! Congrats on a hectic and fulfilling year :D

  3. Debi, I've really enjoyed reading your reflections this week and I'm very excited about your plans for 2012. I can imagine that you learned an awful lot having participated in the Sew Weekly, but it must be a great feeling knowing that in 2012 you can set your own pace and do all the things you may not have had the time for this year. As always, I can't wait to follow your journey!

  4. Your energy is astounding. I have been quietly following along this past year. I never miss a post. It's been a challenging year for me personally which has not allowed me to do as much commenting, but I am here.I enjoy your blog immensely. You are very inspiring. I look forward to seeing all you do this next year.

  5. Well I am looking forward to seeing these new projects from you :)
    I love your idea of the modern pattern, vintage flair thing!
    Happy Bloggiversary- and here is to another wonderful year!

  6. Debi, good luck with all of your undertakings in the upcoming blogging year! I am a big fan of yours and looking forward to your contributions to the blogging community! And, by the way, that suit you are wearing, what is it? It Looks fabulous!

  7. Aw, I will miss your weekly SW posts, but I can totally understand not wanting to do it two years in a row!

  8. I'm still amazed that anybody can keep up with the pace of The Sew Weekly - you've done amazingly to complete a year of it!
    I agree with Rachel too - I'm really looking forward to seeing your modern pattern/vintage twist feature.

  9. I'm glad you'll still be contributing to Sew Weekly. And I know what you mean about getting one's house and blog in order!

  10. And again... sitting front row and looking forward to your next adventures. Go Debi! I enjoy every single post, even if I don't comment that often, so you know. :-)

  11. Debi, thanks for sharing your exciting prospects on your sewing adventure! Im glad we will still see you at sew weekly! YEAHH.
    This week you really inspired to think what I wanted to for my sewing... really fun times to come ! I hope!

  12. What a fab year you have had, thanks for the recap, for me it was cool to see some early items as I came to blogging mid year there was so many interesting clothes you had already done.
    Loving the vintage/modern twist. Myself and S.H. have something similer planed for next year too.

  13. I cannot wait to see what sewing adventures lie ahead, my fabulous friend :)


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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