Thursday, August 9, 2012

My prom

In case you haven't heard, this last week was Promaballoona--the event of the season over at oonaballoona's blog.  I did a guest post on my own prom experience. You can read it here....

What was your experience of high school prom?


  1. I just loved reading all the Promaballoona stories! Reading everyone's prom stories was so much fun and just thrust me back to that time when I was so awkward and everyone was so angsty and growing lol.

     I was a virtual attendee, and wrote a little bit about my experience, which is to say that it was non-existent since I didn't go. Not really much of a story :-)

  2. Hilarious! hehee. My prom? Well, it was 1982 I think, and I wore black trousers, a silver and black cami and a grey batwing thing. Having big feet, no fancy shoes were possible so I spray painted my school Roman Sandals silver and wore them. I was quite eccentric back then!
    It was lots of fun - in NZ noone took a 'date' unless they were an item already, and only those in the last two years of school could go. No limos, professional hair or makeup, either. Fashion ran mostly to jersey dresses. Not glamorous really, but it was fun!


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