Monday, November 5, 2012

Downton Abbey Costumes Episode 2

I don't know about you, but I'm itching to see more Downton Abbey costumes close-up.  Season 3's Episode 2 does not disappoint.  There seemed to be more formal dinners in this episode which means more amazing gowns.  I got the scans this week from Downton OnLine as I forgot to take my own screenshots.

This episode is memorable for the hats and headpieces, the amazing dressing gowns, the introduction of the most vibrant shade of plum (Lady Mary's dress and also her coat), seeing Lady Edith in a colour besides peach (hello green dress!) and the amazing coats (Lady Mary's is my favourite followed closely by Lady Grantham).  Enjoy!

Which outfit is your favourite?


  1. Wow, there are so many gorgeous outfits - it's hard to choose!  But I really love Shirley MacLaine's hats!

  2. Oh how funny, I never noticed before but yup, Edith wears a lot of dusky peach, and Mary and her Ma wear a ton of black! Nice to see it mixed up a bit more! 

  3. Lady Mary's merlot coloured coat is my favourite piece of clothing but my ultimate favourite from these photos is actually her feathery looking hair clip, so fabulous! 

    I think my favourite outfit from the series ever is Lady Sybil's that she get's custom made and surprises everyone at dinner, it had some harem styled pants that were amazing, it was unfortunate that it was barely shown!

  4. I love that coat of Lady Mary's - divine draping!  I can't wait to get the thrid season in Australia!

  5. Love the hats and the curls!

  6. Can't wait for season three in the US!  I'd love to see more of that red and gold dress that Lady Grantham is wearing. 

  7. The one with the ginormous collar. Oh wait cross that, I already have one of those now.. Right the pink (magenta?) and gold one. XD


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