Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scotland Sundays: Dean Village

This past weekend, David and I revisited one of our favourite places in Edinburgh, Dean Village.  Dean Village is a quite, tucked-away neighbourhood right in Central Edinburgh.  

You take an unassuming (and steep!) street down into Dean Village and a beautiful, picturesque place unfolds before your eyes...

The area used to be a grain milling community for about 800 years and there is still evidence of water mills and old mill buildings.

On this particular outing, I wore my 'Hiatus' dress, sewn using a McCall pattern (3939) from 1940:

The Water of Leith runs right through Dean Village, providing some very picturesque views looking out from the pedestrian bridge:

And of course, Autumn is a beautiful time with all the leaves changing colours.  There are more yellow tones in all the trees and they are rapidly losing their leaves.  We've had some surprisingly sunny days, which often fool me into thinking it's getting warmer.  However, when the sun goes down (at 4:14pm already!!!), it gets properly cold!

Soon it will be too cold to wear dresses without winter tights!

There is something so beautiful about autumn, don't you think?  I hate the impending cold weather and wish it could stay autumn for all the winter months too!!  I'm curious, how is your autumn or spring so far?


  1. What a glorious little village! Scotland is one of my favourite places to visit - I think it's the enduringness of it all. My fall has been a riot of colour and lovely weather. It's finally gotten properly chilly and we had a light sprinkle of snow the other day. Hooray!

  2. I don't think snow is far off for us either!! It is properly chilly here too! We don't get as much colour here as you probably do---and it's really quick (blink and you miss it) :-) but I do love it so much!!

  3. Spring here in Australia is hot. We've had days of high summer temperatures already, and I'm over it.
    These pictures are lovely! It is one of my dreams to move to Scotland, and I just know this has to go on my list of places to go and check out.
    And the dress is perfectly wonderful

  4. Wow, how lovely! Every time I read one of your posts, I rack my brain trying to think of ways I could find employment in Edinburgh-- it's such a sweet city!

  5. In love all over again! I lived in Scotland ten years ago for an exchange and i loved it.. These pictures are making me want to go back all over again!

  6. Nice photos Debi! I have lived in Scotland for 9 years now but have never heard of this liitle tucked-away place. Do people live in Dean village? Where do they put their cars?

  7. I love the fall, it's one of my favorite times of the year here in New England.

    I had the chance to visit Edinburgh a few years back but did not get to see Dean Village. What a lovely spot.


    Emily's Vintage Visions

  8. Nice pictures! I like the colder seasons like autumn and winters. Thus so far I really enjoy it even the rain. :)

  9. Such a pretty little place. I love the autumn colours. Your dress looks lovely.

  10. Dear Debi,

    how curious, I spent the last week of October in Edinburgh, staying with an old friend of mine and enjoyed some time of Wednesday afternoon in Dean Village. Although it was raining, I loved walking through the narrow lanes and standing on that bridge I've seen on the picture above.

    I never realized that there were lots of grain mills but I was quite sure that there must they must have made bread there in the old days because I guessed that from an old signpost made of stone, showing a baker's shovel/bread paddle with small loaves of bread. Now I see that I was not totally wrong.

    Thank you very much for this enlightening article


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