Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Vintage haircut and style

Readers, it was time.  Time to get my hair cut.  It had gotten to an awkward length that made doing pincurls difficult.  My stylist had gone on maternity leave and I was too scared to go to anyone else!  But luckily she came back! YAY!

I get my hair done by the vintage stylist, Ariana at Miss Dixiebelle's Retro Boutique in Edinburgh.  This is definitely one of my favourite places in Edinburgh.

I mean leopard print cover? Flamingo wallpaper?  Vintage hair dryer? Amazing vintage stylists?

Yay! It's exactly what I wanted!!  Didn't she do an amazing job? Perfect length and nicely layered.  I can't wait to play with the new hairdo!

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