Monday, June 6, 2016

1940 Around the World: Nepal


The next stop on our global 1940 tour is Nepal.  The Kingdom of Nepal declared war on Germany on 4 September 1939 and became involved in fighting in Burma against the Japanese in 1941.

I found the following photo of Bhaktapur, one of the three main kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley:

Photo credit: Explore

The following photo is also from 1940 and shows a late 30s car being carried to the city because of the lack of accessible roads.  


I love the following two photos because they are so different from one another.  The first one shows a medical tent handling an outbreak of cholera, the second photo shows a group of men posing for a photograph--both are from 1940.

Photo credit: Nepal

Photo credit:

Have you ever been to Nepal?


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