Sunday, April 1, 2018

McCall 3615: The 'April Showers Dress'

Happy April and happy Easter!  I'm just in love with my Easter Dress this year. It has all my favourite spring colours:

This is also my first revisit of an already used 1940 McCall pattern, number 3615:

I know that I've got quite the task to sew up the entire 1940 catalogue and should really be sewing new dresses but I just love this pattern so much. I first sewed this up as a replica 1940 Sears dress that my ex-partner designed the fabric from a Sears catalogue photo (see the blog post here). For that project, I made the dress in a medium-weight cotton and I've been wondering what it would sew up like in a lightweight synthetic crepe-like fabric.  Well, I'm in love...I just adore both this fabric and how the pattern turned out in a more dressy fabric:

I got the fabric on a trip to the Philippines a couple of years ago and then just this year, I picked up the 1930's belt buckle in Herman Brown, one of my local vintage stores.  I'm often on the lookout for vintage belt buckles and have been known to create entire sewing projects around them!

Edinburgh has had quite a cool introduction to spring--lots of April showers so far!  A perfect opportunity for vintage umbrellas (this one from another local vintage haunt--Carnivale Vintage).  

In terms of construction, the dress was quite quick the second time around and this fabric was a dream to sew. I really like the simple front with the high neckline (but only on the sides) and the gathers below the bust with a simple flared skirt.  I still want to make this pattern with the long sleeves as well!

I have a thing for pink--so have lots of it in my wardrobe, which is great because this dress matched my seamed What Katie Did stockings and my Bait footwear shoes (by the way, shoes is another thing I've been known to build sewing projects around! hahaha).

Oh, regular jacket (by local company Ness) is also hot pink! hahaha.  PERFECT!! I just love how this whole ensemble came together :)  I have lots more (hot) pink fabric in my stash--and am feeling a bit inspired for spring! 

I don't know about you but I just love spring colours (and also autumn colours for those in the southern hemisphere)--there's something about the change in the seasons that is so much fun for plotting and planning sewing projects!  What about you? Any fun spring/autumn projects in the sewing queue?
Photos by the amazing Philip Stanley Dickson
Vintage Half-Moon Nails by Cutie Cool Nails

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  1. A very pretty and cheerful dress. And pink and white spectators -- WOW!


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