Tuesday, May 8, 2018

McCall 1004: The 'Town and Country Wool Beret'

Here is the matching beret to my recent 1940 McCall 'Town and Country Tweed Dress Suit'.

This is from McCall 1004 -- a hat pattern from 1941 (so not technically part of my 1940 McCall Project--but close!) 

I'm wearing the hat with the pointy bit up--hahaha. Opposite the way they are wearing it on the pattern envelope. That's because I wasn't really thinking when I got my hair done and the victory roll is on the right--so it was easier to wear the hat this way!  I think it looks fine either way to be honest!

The pattern was very easy to put together--all the pieces go together like a charm.  It is a bit big and pouffy but it rests down into a nice beret shape.

I used the same wool tweed that I made the jacket from and then had some grosgrain ribbon on the top.  In retrospect, I probably would have sewn up a ribbon from the dress fabric instead of using the black grosgrain ribbon. But I think it looks fine!

We took these photos on a gorgeous Edinburgh day down by Arthur's Seat and Holyrood Park.  It has the perfect Scottish backdrop for the tweed!

Overall, very happy with the hat. I can't wait to try making more hats. There's about three patterns in the 1940 catalogue that I still have yet to try but I also want to try the other looks from this pattern too!

What about you? Have you ever sewn up any vintage hats?

Photos: Darja Bilyk
Hair: Vanity Thrills

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  1. Charming! But it seems to be necessary that hats from this Era are pinned to the hair. My '70s "shag" haircut will not hold hairpins so ...


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