Sunday, June 10, 2018

The 'Secret Garden Dress'

Welcome to my secret garden..full of greenery and the brightest red roses!

I know I say this about every outfit I make (well almost every one...), but this one may be my favourite!!  I used a tried and true vintage pattern (Style Print 1283) for a classic 1950s shirtwaist dress.

I've used this pattern twice before and have made both of the pattern views.  The last time I sewed a full waisted shirtwaist from this pattern was my 'Midcentury Madness' dress using a perfect autumnal 50s print:

When I came across this AMAZING vintage red roses fabric at the W. Armstrong and Sons vintage store in Edinburgh, I immediately thought of the Style Print shirtwaist pattern.

The fabric suits the pattern so perfectly. I just love it! I think the fabric might be a barkcloth type fabric--it's a little heavier and more textured than most cottons.  And the colours are phenomenal. I just love the red roses on the grey background!

I even had the perfect little vintage buttons in my stash --way back when I won a pound of vintage buttons from Tasia at Sewaholic.  I'm still working my way through the stash of buttons and these ones were a match made in heaven --1950s red buttons with cute little fake diamonds in the centre.

I paired my dress with a red petticoat that I got from Vivien of Holloway, red seamed What Katie Did stockings and grey BAIT footwear shoes:

I am so delighted with this dress! Shirtwaisters with unique vintage fabric are a great match!  Plus the other nice thing about this dress is that the fabric seems like it will be long-wearing and easy to travel with (doesn't wrinkle too easily)--which is a major bonus!

I wish all my dresses were covered with large red roses :)  What about you, any fabric in your stash that you absolutely love?

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  1. Hi Debi! Your new dress is so pretty and cheerful. I looked up barkcloth and found some attractive florals, but because it is used as drapery and upholstery fabric the motifs are much larger than your roses. Maybe a Spring coat ...? My thing is foliage. Leaves for all seasons are what I have a hard time resisting. You have some beautiful parks in Edinburgh. Lucky.


I read each and every comment--thank you so much!

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