Sunday, December 2, 2018

The 'Classic Pussybow' Blouse

I'm adding a staple to my me-made wardrobe that has been two years in the making! The classic pussybow blouse in a great cream colour.

I used McCall's 4609, which looks like it's from the 1970s. I sewed up version A.  I had actually cut out this pattern for two blouses-- a cream one and a purple one--about two years ago. And then the poor pattern just sat in my projects pile. Recently, I fished out the two pre-cut fabrics and got to work! The pattern is fairly easy as the lines are very straight. I finished both blouses around the same time (I quite like sewing multiple versions of the same pattern at the same time).  For the purple one, I ran out of fabric for the long sleeves so ended up using another pattern for a short 'flutter' sleeve (see blog post here for that blouse):

I do like the long sleeved version more and it's just so versatile in this colour.  The blouse front has buttons and a long bow at the collar. The sleeves are very straight and have a wrist placket.  I could have probably made the wrists smaller but it's super comfortable as it is.

And here's a cheeky stocking flash photo! haha.

I don't wear a lot of separates --but of those that I do wear, these types of blouses are the easiest to coordinate! I just love the look!

Photography: Veronika Marx and Darja Bilyk (for purple blouse)


  1. Simply marvelous! I would never have thought that that pattern could work for the 1940s.

  2. The blouse is very versatile with collar and sleeve variations given. And, of course, you can invent your own. It is a pattern to keep close by.


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