Monday, February 11, 2019

McCall 3888: The Town and Country Cape

This is one of my favourite me-made ensembles ever. The cape, jacket and dress are all made using 1940 McCall patterns and the hat is from a 1941 McCall pattern.

I made the cape using McCall 3888 and opted for Version B which is the longer version.  It features an awesome coat lapel, two buttons and amazing square shoulders.

I made the cape using the same fabric as my Town and Country suit dress jacket--an amazing wool that I got in Birmingham.  I bought tons of this wool not really know what I was going to make but because I loved the colours!

And I'm super chuffed to use the same dress fabric as the lining fabric for my cape!

Here's a reminder of what the hat pattern looks like!

I'm feeling very Scottish in this ensemble--which ironically we took these photos on Robert Burn's Birthday! So perfect!

This is one of my favourite places in Edinburgh called Dean Village. It's a small hidden enclove of really cool old mill houses and a gorgeous river (the Water of Leith) running through it.

This is the suit dress pattern (blogged about here):

For me, the cape really completes the look and makes it feel like a proper 1940s ensemble.  I just love looking at old fashion photos of the time period with a suit that has a big matching coat or cape.  I want to make more matching outwear for my outfits now :)

Overall, super pleased with the ensemble. A coat would have probably been more wearable but there's something really special about a cape!

I might even have enough fabric to make a matching skirt! That would be awesome!!  And reminds me to always buy lots of wool fabric when I get a chance (not that I need any help buying fabric! hahaha)

MUAH: Vanity Thrills
Photos: Darja Bilyk  
Shoes: Bait Footwear


  1. Debi, I have been trying to comment, but "the system" keeps eating my words :( .

  2. This is my absolute favorite of all of your wonderful ensembles. And your hair looks perfect!

  3. Hi Debi! I love the new ensemble, especially the red lining for the cape. Of course whenever you find a special wool fabric you should buy a generous amount so that you make what comes to mind later on. Practical! Dean Village looks like stepping out of a time machine. Does it feel that way too?

  4. Totally wonderful as always!


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