Thursday, December 24, 2020

A 1920s Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve!! I'm delighted showcase my new 1920s dress.

This is actually my FIRST 1920s make (even though I sewed up another dress at the same time and blogged that one first--this one was actually the first make)!

I used McCall 5011, a pattern from 1928. I just loved the detailed trim of the pattern.

When my dear friend from Nepal gave me Sari fabric--I knew this would be the perfect project for it!

I used the Sari border as the contrast trim on the neckline, waistline and back bow and cuffs:

I even found the perfect 1920s hat at Fabhatrix to go with it and 1920s replica shoes from Bait Footwear.

Actually, the shoes are what started it all. I bought these shoes first and then searched through my fabric stash and found the fabric gift and then chose the pattern to match! It's all about the shoes! hahaha.

 I'm so pleased with the dress. Though I have to admit it is a bit strange to get used to the very slim sleeves of the 1920s style. One of the nice thing about sewing these styles is that they are no frills sewing--pretty straight forward and often quick projects!

We took these pictures in an area of Edinburgh called Stockbridge. It's a gorgeous residential area with lots of Georgian architecture. One of my favourite landmarks of the area is this gate from the late 1800s that led to market stalls. They took the stalls down just before the 1920s--so this gate would have looked exactly as it does now for when this dress was made. I just love the original lamp!

Did you make any holiday gifts or dresses this year? Have you ever made anything from the 1920s?

I wish you all a fabulous, restful and safe holiday season!!  I'll be catching up on a quite a few blog posts while I've got a couple of weeks off of work! I can't wait!


Photos by Darja Bilyk

Locks by Ariana at Vanity Thrills Hair


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