Thursday, April 8, 2010

The wall came down....

I am SO sad and angry!  Despite what the Fife Council told us the developers (Lomond Homes) knocked down the 300 year old wall in our village:

On Monday:


It's absolutely horrible!  Here's the link to a video right before it happened.  I'm so upset that the developers could get away with this.

Lomond Homes insists they had to take more of the wall down that planned as it became unstable, but this is because they refused to remove the section by hand as planned (and as guaranteed to us by the Fife Council), instead sending in a JCB which made the wall more unstable than necessary.

A number of local residents have now parked their cars up to the wall to prevent further demolition:



  1. That. Is. Awful. All in the name of what? Progress? No thanks. I'll take history any day.

  2. So Wrong!
    Can any of the stones be saved?

  3. That's terrible especially after they promised to only remove a small section.

  4. This is so sad. I hate to see us throwing away the old.

  5. Unfortunately, I don't think any of the stones can be saved. They were supposed to take them down by hand and label each one so that they could be used in a future rebuild (and they were only supposed to take off the very top of the wall--not the whole wall!) grrrrrrrr...

  6. I'm so sorry to hear this.

  7. This is horrible and it makes me angry as well. When will we learn to respect our cultural heritage and not just look at the dollar signs???

  8. How horrible! Very underhanded to say the top of the wall was to be taken, then demolish the entire wall. We also have problems in Australia with developers saying one thing then doing a more drastic action. (love your sewing by the way)

  9. That's lousy! As T Smith commented, this happens in Australia too - but we've only had white settlement for 220 years, so for us even 50 years is old!


  10. That makes my blood boil. Developers are always after the almighty dollar (or pound in this case) and are not opposed to outright lying to get their way.


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