Monday, July 11, 2011

1941 pattern winner...

Hello lovelies!  I'm super excited to announce the winner of this pattern from 1941...

And the winner is...

Rachel from the House of Pinheiro!!  YAY! I had the chance to meet Rachel at the UK meet-up! We had loads of fun!  The funny thing is that Rachel is actually waiting for my new address to send me something I won from her blog! hehehehehe  Gotta love the sewing community!


  1. Yeahhh... (BIG SMILE) just made a silly winners dance from the computer all the way to the kitcken! So excited about this pattern. I never done anything vintage ! Thank you ! And still waiting to send your prize ! x

  2. Hi Debi. I've been on holiday, working, dog walking blah, blah, blah and have just caught up with your news. HOW EXCITING!!! I'm a big Ness fan too and am thrilled for you. This is a HUGE deal - go for it, enjoy it!!!

  3. HI Debi
    I would also like to say wow that's great news too about your Ness news. I have to admit it was the Ness shops that tried to lure me inside when I was visiting Edinburgh- such pretty colours, fabric & designs.
    Good luck with your flat move xx

    By the way, my blog's back online now, pop by for cake! It's at

    there's no /wp on the end anymore


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