Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reflections on the One Week, One Pattern Challenge

I had a great time participating in Tilly's One Week, One Pattern challenge!  The goal of the week was to take one tried and true (TNT) pattern that you've made and wear different iterations of it all week long.  I used Simplicity 3688, a reissued Simplicity pattern from 1941 as my challenge pattern.  I've now made up 3 pair of trousers from this pattern.  Here's a little recap of my trouser styling for the week:

Some thoughts on the pattern and my various iterations:
  • This pattern is very versatile--I see it as a canvas of sorts that can be styled in many different ways.  While the trousers are high-waisted you can easily style it to highlight this feature or wear it with sweaters or shirts that aren't tucked in.
  • This pattern is really easy to sew up and is one of the few patterns I haven't had to make any alterations to (this is probably why it's a TNT).  The straight and slightly flared legs suit my body type really well.  Oddly, I'm also short-waisted but this pattern works really well for me.  
  • The first time I sewed up this pattern, I had a horrible time figuring out how it actually attached together.  I think I've sewn or pinned the pant legs wrong (either the wrong legs to each other or inside out..) on every single pair I've sewn!    Hopefully with version four (which I'm working on at the moment), I'll finally get it right the first time.
  • Somehow in the process of making several pairs of trousers, I have misplaced my pattern directions!  So, I made pair three without directions.  I attached the waistband first and did the zipper second (which the pattern, If I recall, has it the other way around).  It was a bit more fiddly this way but they still turned out fine.
  • For the first two pairs I made a lapped zipper (in the first Navy pair, the zipper is on the right side, on the second and third pairs the zipper is on the left--I think I like right side better even though it's backwards), for the last pair I inserted a handpicked zipper.  I definitely like the lapped zipper best on these trousers.
  • For some reason, I think I need to insert a zipper guard on pair two (my green trousers) as the zipper tends to rub against my skin throughout the day.  Might be because that is the only pair that I used a modern zipper in (funny, eh?).
  • For my new pair (black trousers), I used a slightly shorter zipper as it was all I had in my stash.  Not such a great idea and I have to do a bit of a shimmy dance to get them on! Since that is pair that has the handpicked zipper, I may go back and re-insert a longer zipper.
 Some reflections on OWOP:
  • I really enjoyed this challenge.  I already wear my me-made trousers at least weekly, so this week was a great opportunity to try out different styles.
  • I love being able to be able to wear retro inspired looks one day and modern looks the next.  These trousers are perfect for spanning many decades!
  • One of my favourite parts of the week was trying out different hairstyles.  I usually set my hair overnight in pin curls at least once a week.  My hair is getting long now and I've been needing a change in the hairstyle routine.  So it was fun to experiment with different styles.  I plan to keep it long until after David's graduation (and the 'Gilda gown' I'm making) but then I hope to cut it a bit shorter (a little shorter than shoulder length) for the rest of the summer!
Thanks Tilly for the great challenge and thank you all for your lovely comments throughout the week.  This was a fun taster for the upcoming Me-Made-May challenge.


  1. This pattern is so great for people afraid of fitting trousers, don't you think?  So comfortable.  I like your trousers styled with the ruby colour top - lovely.

  2. HouseofpinheiroApril 01, 2012 4:19 PM

    Debi , you looked stunning every day .. My favourite outfit was day 7 x

  3. You look gorgeous every day, girl! And how clever choosing trousers for your OWOP, they really are the most versatile garment of all! :)

  4. Oh Debi, you looked stunning on each day and I seriously have hair-style envy! I've been growing my hair out for over a year, but I still don't have the knack of styling it at all!

    Your trousers are so perfect. I bought the pattern after the very first pair you made, but I've yet to tackle it...I really must as I love all of your week's looks!

  5. What a great pattern and I really love how you styled everything. :)

  6. Love, love, love. Not only do those pants look utterly wonderful on you but I adore how you've managed to give each look it's own unique vibe. I really hope Tilly holds OWOP again when I've got more time as you've shown just how rewarding it can be!

  7. Alyssa OpishinskiApril 01, 2012 10:18 PM

    I'm really sad that I missed out on OWOP. Just not enough time in the day! You look lovely in every photo and the pants look great.

  8. Seeing you make these pants so many times makes me rethink using that pattern as I have it. Also the jacket is now sitting on my dressmakers dummy as I have gotten it out of the drawer to finish now that we have more light, it's a dark purple. Good going Girl!!

  9. I enjoyed seeing your daily outfits, but this post really confirms what a great pattern this is and how beautifully the trousers fit you. Every look is gorgeous!

  10. I love all the different looks you've created with these trousers Debi.  I agree about the pattern - it's so easy and the fit is great.  I was actually wearing the ones I made from the same pattern yesterday and it convinced me I needed another pair! x

  11. You always look so great in everything you wear. I loved all the outfits and seeing the pants was really inspiring to try different looks on myself.

  12. i loved every post of your this past week, and i love those trousers and how much fun you had with them. 

  13. Megan GrandstaffApril 03, 2012 7:15 PM

    You styled these beautifully my friend!  And you managed to convince me to try out this pattern for myself ... how could I resist?  All of your versions are so fabulous!

  14. Well done Debi!!! You look fabulous!

  15. Gregmartiol SeoApril 06, 2012 1:24 PM

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  16. CharlottepowellbrooksApril 06, 2012 4:25 PM

    you have done such an amazing and stylish job with OWOP. Well done. x x x


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