Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Launch Party!

What a day! Yesterday we had our official launch party for the Weaving Destination social enterprise and it was absolutely amazing.

The day started out early with setting up the venue.  We arranged the scarves and shawls along two tables:

A friend of ours, Nauman, exhibited his artwork--which added so much ambiance and colour to the space:

We started the launch event with some social time and then we screened a short video highlighting the process of weaving the cotton and silk fabrics and the social goals of the Weaving Destination.

The set-up was cafe style, which led to many great conversations.  It was fantastic meeting so many people and to see all the interest in the social enterprise.

There were also holiday decorations to bring a festive spirit to the event:

Both Javita and I spoke about the goals of the social enterprise, the launch of our new Etsy shop and our plans for the future:

The founder and director of The Melting Pot, Claire, was our guest of honour.  The Melting Pot is Scotland's Centre for social innovation and has supported us with a Social Innovation Incubation Award.  It was really heart-warming to hear Claire's speech about how far we've come:

Instead of cutting a ribbon to officially launch our social enterprise, we decided to cut into the first fabric from our Spring collection (and the same fabric as my me-made dress).  Everyone counted down from three and then we made the first cut together:

Cutting the fabric was super exciting and a great way to start our social enterprise together!

Can you tell how happy and excited we are?

A super big thank you to everyone for your support! We are looking forward to many more exciting milestones in the future!!



  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. What a wonderful milestone. Best of luck in this new venture. Love your dress!!

  3. ...and I just went to your Etsy store. Love the scarfs - I bought the blue one! 

  4. What a great project! Your dress is fabulous. 

  5. Debi_myhappysewingplaceDecember 15, 2012 11:07 PM

    YAY! Thanks so much!!!

  6. Debi_myhappysewingplaceDecember 15, 2012 11:07 PM

    Thanks Corinne! It was a great event!

  7. Debi_myhappysewingplaceDecember 15, 2012 11:07 PM

    Thanks Kathryn! The dress was really fun to make!

  8. Congratulations - so exciting!

  9. I'm so proud of you, Sweetiepie.   It was a wonderful event, and both you and Javita did a great job of pulling everything together and making it a success.

    Congratulations - it's been wonderful to witness this growing from the very beginning.   Here's to it's future and all the places it will take you!

  10. Aren't you doing the most amazing things?! Wow! Congrats!

  11. thisblogisnotforyouDecember 17, 2012 2:50 PM

    Wow, how exciting! Congratulations you two, what a big step!

  12. i LOVE the fabric cutting!! congratulations, beautiful ladies!

  13. I was with tears when I open the link sent by Javita . Oh what a good feeling to see WD products in UK. Javita love you so much.................. and thanks Debi for making it happened. 
    Cheers Ladies

  14. Congratulations - looks like the launch was a huge success so well done! And I love the fabric you used for your dress, so I might have to treat myself to some as a Christmas present to me! 

  15. Sorry I'm a bit late to the party, but I just wanted to say a massive congratulations on your wonderful endeavour! I hope it's a huge success all around!!!


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