Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mad Men Sewing: Season 6 Episode 3

Time for another installment of Mad Men Sewing!!  But first I wanted to thank everyone for you lovely, lovely comments on my McCall blouse post!  *big hugs*  I also wanted to alert those of you that were looking for the pattern (McCall 764 from 1940) that there is one currently for sale on Etsy.

Also, I know the Great Gatsby opened yesterday in the States...I can't wait until it opens here this next Thursday (the 16th)!

Right, now onto Mad Men...I'm going back to episodes 3 to take a look at the fashion and to find similar vintage patterns.  But did you see last week's episode (episode 6)...definitely my favourite so far.  I can't believe Don and Ted will be working together!  What are your thoughts?

Episode 3
All of my favourite outfits from episode 3 were either worn by Peggy or Trudy.  This dress is a hallmark style for Peggy (and it shows up again in episode 6).  I love how sassy it looks:

This tie-neck dress style was very popular in the late 1960s!  Here are some vintage pattern gems in a similar style:

1. Simplicity 3522, available at the Cynical Girl Etsy Shop; 2. Simplicity 6895, available at Adele Bee Ann Patterns Etsy Shop; 3. Simplicity 5986, available at RetroMonkeys' Etsy Shop; 4. Butterick 3102, also available at RetroMonkeys' Etsy Shop; 5. Simplicity 7223, available at J Ferrari Designs Etsy Shop;  6. Simplicity 6057, available at Sydcam 123 Etsy Shop; 7. Advance 9453, available from the Cynical Girl Etsy Shop; 8. Simplicity 5832, available at Floradora Presents Etsy Shop.

I love Trudy's style but I definitely felt very bad for her this episode (and this whole season so far)...hopefully we will see her face in future episodes.  I love this floral rolled collar dress:

Here's a few 1960's rolled collar dresses.  I think this is such a classy look:

When I think of 1960's style, I always think of the classic two-piece dress suit.  Peggy pulls this look off very well.  I just love her fuchsia/blue colour combo:

There's a ton of vintage two-piece dress suit patterns.  My two favourites include a classic two-piece suit and also a dress with jacket:

1. McCall's 6052 from J Ferrari Designs Etsy Store; 2. Simplicity 4564 from RetroMonkeys' Etsy Store

After the two-piece dress suit, the other style I associate with the 1960s is the classic shirtwaist dress.  Here's Trudy in a shirtwaister:

Here's a few of my favourite 1960s vintage shirtwaist dress patterns:

1. McCall's 5774, available at Adele Bee Ann Patterns and Cynical Girl's Etsy Store; 2. Advance 9424, also available at Cynical Girl's Etsy Store; 3. Simplicity 4937, available at J Ferrari Designs Etsy Store; 4. Simplicity 3758, available at Mrs. Depew Vintage Etsy Store

Which 1960s style is your favourite?


  1. Terrific post Debi, great ideas and very inspiring.

  2. Love how the patterns match the mad men outfits - spot on!

    I love the tp outfit, but also that killer blue and pink colour combo, looks amazing!

  3. I love this post series so much! I am tempted to hunt for a ton of the patterns. Megan's style is my favorite this season, but Peggy has definitely been looking awesomely mod too.

  4. I love that "half size slenderette" pattern haha! That wording makes me laugh. This post just reminded me how far behind I am in the show! I've only seen the first episode and wasn't that impressed so hopefully it's getting better as the season goes on.

  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to track down these patterns! These are pretty much the perfect posts in my opinion because they combine two of my favourite obsessions, mad men and vintage patterns :)

  6. I'm in love with Simplicity 5382. I think I need it :) Thanks for sharing!


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