Monday, November 30, 2015

The "Tropical Doctor" Alma Blouse

Last week I was in Zimbabwe for work and it was so lovely to have some sunshine and warmth!  I knew I was going there at the end of November so decided to sew up a warm weather blouse in advance.

Enter the "Alma" pattern from Sewaholic Patterns.  This has been on my to-sew list for a long time.  I love these patterns; they are easy to sew and the instructions are super clear.  I decided to make "View A" with some mixed fiber fabric that I purchased in the Philippines.

I'm still getting used to the sleeves.  I love the gathered sleeve cap but they might be a bit short on me?  Next time I can't wait to try the longer short sleeve on view B.

The neckline is what sold me on the pattern.  I absolutely love it and it's super easy to sew.  

The blouse closes by a side zipper, which you can see in the photo above. That allows the blouse to be form fitting.  I did take some length off the blouse so that I could wear it either untucked or with my high-waisted 1940s trousers (by the way, these trousers are newly sewn as well from my favourite 1941 reproduction pattern!  More on them to come in another post).

A great warm weather blouse!  The fabric print makes me happy too :-)

By the way, I flew back the day before this:

My graduation ceremony for the PhD.  Though it's been official for awhile, it was great to celebrate becoming a Dr. (and thank you to the reader that recognised me in the audience--what a sweet email)!  Now it's time for a sewcation to celebrate!

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