Thursday, November 26, 2015

Vintage Gown and Holiday Party Patterns

Thanks for your comments on my last post about vintage holiday gowns.  In perusing for photos, I found several lovely, inspiring patterns!

Here are some of my favourites from the 1930s:

1. 1930s Pictorial Review dress pattern, 2. 1930s McCall gown, 3. 1930s McCall strapless gown, 4. 1930s Mail Order H-3391 gown pattern worn modelled by Loretta Young

I think both the 1930s and 1940s patterns are very glamorous.  Here are a few of my favourites from the 1940s:

5. 1940s McCall draped gown pattern, 6. 1940s Simplicity sheer dress pattern, 7. 1940s McCall lace overlay gown, 8, 1930s Simplicity dress pattern

I have the 1940s gown pattern listed in number 5 above.  I simply love the draping!

I love the 1950s for cocktail gowns and the great necklines:

The 1960s gowns are very chic and perhaps the most wearable to a variety of events and parties.  I particularly like the Vogue Couturier pattern (no. 13 below), it reminds me of what Audrey Hepburn wore for the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.

Of course there are some real gems in modern patterns as well (modern for me is anything post

17. Edith Head designed Very Easy Vogue American Designers Original pattern, 18. Calvin Klein Vogue gown pattern

Perhaps one of my favourite things of dressing up is all the topper and accessory patterns.  I'm currently plotting and planning to make a vintage cape pattern.  Here are a few more coat toppers that I love:

For some reason I also associate the circle skirt with the holiday season (perhaps all those tree skirts made into circle  But I just love Gertie's quilted circle skirt as well.  Here's a few patterns that remind me of that 1950s glamour:

Whenever I think of glamour--both Vogue and Modes Royale patterns come to mind (isn't no. 25 below stunning??):

And what would glamour be without gloves and adorable handbags?  I actually really love the lace, fingerless gloves below:

It's a bit sad that there are not more men's patterns for fancy occasions.  But one I did find is from Mrs Depew for a men's tuxedo pattern from 1950:

28. Downloadable 1950s men's tuxedo pattern

I actually have plans to make this for David sometime this next fun would that be?

Which patterns are your favourite?


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