Friday, January 29, 2016

1940 Films: Pinnochio

1940 was a very good year for films and I'm looking forward to exploring these more in-depth!  The BIG news in the January 1940 issue of McCall's magazine is the release of the film 'Pinnochio' by Disney.  This was Disney's second animated film, with the first –Snow White (1938) – having been hugely successful.  The collaboration between Disney and McCall patterns continued with the release of three Pinnochio-themed patterns in the 1940 catalogue.

 The movie is based on the children's book by Carlo Collodi, with significant changes such as the introduction of Jiminy Crickett and the general demeanour of Pinnochio's character.

The movie is historical significant for it's advancements in animation. The movie was also the first time that an animated movie used celebrity voices.  

Presented below is the feature article from the January 1940 McCall's Magazine which tells the story of Pinnochio before the film's release:

And here's a closer look at the McCall patterns from 1940:

No. 748. Going up the garden path in Disney Land is the latest-comer of all – Pinnochio, with Figaro at his heels.  The big patch of house is fairly overflowing with jolly Disney people.  Make a wall hanging of it for the children's room (they'll love it!) or use it for your youngster's coverlet.  Design is 24 ins. high, 21 ins. wide.  Use percale, gingham or chambray for the house and strand cottons for the embroidery.  Simple stitches. Blue or yellow transfer. 35 cents.

No. 746: Things happen to Pinocchio– like growing a tail, running away from his conscience (Jiminy Cricket), and so on.  All in these intriguing trims for young clothes and young rooms. 20 motifs, from 2 1/2 inches high to 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches. For simple embroidery. Blue or yellow transfer, 25 cents.

And my absolute favourite No. 742 outfit for little boys.  I once saw this on Etsy about four years ago and I am really kicking myself for not having purchased it then as I haven't seen it since!

The movie even inspired Disney's theme song "When you Wish Upon a Star" and is also one of the 100 most important films of all time!

Here is an adorable postcard I found in Florence, home to Pinocchio's writer.  I just love this so much:

Do you remember this movie from your childhood? Or the other 1940 Disney masterpiece, 'Fantasia'?

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