Sunday, January 10, 2016

Plans for 2016

I love seeing everyone's blogging and sewing plans for the new year and thought I would share my own plans!

I've been really enjoying the 1940 McCall Project and want to delve into that more--especially with all the source material I have in the form of McCall magazines, style news and fashion books:

McCall's Magazines from 1940

This year, I really want to explore these source materials month-by-month for:

  • patterns and fashion trends,
  • homemaking and cooking tips,
  • movies and travel news, and
  • other historical events.
My other goal is to sew up one McCall pattern per month (according to it's release and feature) for 2016!

Whoohooo...very excited to explore the year 1940!

What are your blogging/sewing plans for this new year?

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