Sunday, November 6, 2016

The 'Luck o' the Irish' Dress in Autumn

It's starting to get really chilly here in Edinburgh – so I'm on a mad rush to wear all my Autumn dresses.  I also visited my favourite stylist, Ariana at Vanity Thrills Vintage Beauty Parlour, to update my vintage cut (I went with a Middy Plus cut) and she did an AMAZING job creating an early 40s wet set:
Her styles are amazing!!

I wore my 'Luck o' the Irish' dress which is made from McCall 3624, a pattern from 1940 and part of my 1940 McCall project (where I attempt to find AND sew all the 1940 McCall patterns)!

I love this colour of green (which is hard to photograph--it's more like a kelly green than is showing up in the pictures!) and matched it with some yellow pearl buttons.  I have a matching belt somewhere but for the life of me can't find it (note to self: time to organise and keep the belts with the dresses! gah!)

This dress is a classic shirtwaister but the details of the pattern are perfect for soft, flowy fabrics!  The fabric I used is a brushed silk and omg it is SO SOFT.  I am seriously in love with this fabric.  I found it in Goldhawk Road down in London on one of the most amazing blogger meet-ups and I've been dying to pick up more since.  For some reason, they don't carry this type of fabric in any of my local fabric stores!

We took these photos on a crisp Autumn day in Edinburgh – our trees are now fast losing their leaves!!

I am also super excited to get my first pair of Swedish Hasbeen sandals.  I've been seeing these all over the blogosphere.  The thing is that I'm allergic to the chemicals they use to tan leather – so all my shoes are of manmade materials.  You can imagine my delight when I found that all of their shoes are vegetable tanned! YIPPPPEEEEEEEE!  So I am giving them a try!  I love how they look very similar to sandals from the 40s.  So far, they are very comfortable.  I did have some problems with the strap rubbing my ankle but I think that will go away when the leather softens a bit!

Happy November everyone!! xx

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