Thursday, March 8, 2018

Blog Relaunch

I'm so excited to be relaunching my blog after a TWO (2!) year hiatus!!  The last two years have been a crazy journey for me. Many of you know that I split with my partner of many years in late 2016 – it was my decision and while we have both tried to make it as amicable as possible – it has still been a difficult period. One thing I noticed was how important sewing is to me – I've missed it incredibly during these past two years and I know now that I'm indeed happiest when I allow myself that creative and community space.  I'm in such a positive space now and super duper happy to be delving back into regular blogging alongside my other vintage creative pursuits.

In the past year, I've really connected with so many amazing vintage enthusiasts in Edinburgh and reconnected with many of my friends from the sewing community online again through instagram.  And I can't wait to make more friends and be even more inspired by this amazing online community we have!

You will have noticed that I have changed my blog name. It's a long story that involved my original domain name expiring and then going to auction. Needless to say it was bought at auction for something like $450 and then I got a weird message from a dodgy person on Facebook asking me if I wanted it back.  I decided then that it was the perfect opportunity to start a new chapter in my blogging life and focus more on the 1940 McCall project and some of the pinup fashion that I've been increasingly getting into.  I'm still working on switching over names (for example I'm not sure how to change my facebook page name)--but I'm happy to have gotten my ideal domain name – Ms1940McCall!  Woohoo! (but a note to change any links you have because I have no idea what will become of the other domain name! eep!)

I've been finishing up and photographing quite a few UFOs (Unfinished Objects) that I had started many years ago alongside new projects and it has been immensely satisfying!  So I look forward to sharing these new sewing projects with you all over the coming weeks as well as continue my research into the year 1940 and the McCall pattern company.

It's so good to be back!



  1. I'm so glad you're back- I've missed your posts, and I can't wait to see how the 1940s project has progressed during the hiatus!

  2. It's great to see you back! Onwards & upwards...

  3. I've missed you, and I'm pleased that you're back and ready to soar. Here's to a happy future and great accomplishments!

  4. So great to see your blog again! Love your projects.. I also love sewing with vintage patterns, fabric, and notions!


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