Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Scottish PinUp Competition 2018

I had the pleasure of being shortlisted as a finalist in the 2018 Scottish Pinup Competition that took place this last weekend.  This was my first time ever competing in something like this and I'm so glad I entered.  Instead of sitting at home in my me-made pyjamas on Sunday, I was pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, showing off my me-made clothes and meeting and making friends with lots of other lovely women!  I highly encourage those of you who love vintage and love the pinup look to enter your local competition.  It's such a fun experience, a great opportunity to practice some skills (like strutting your stuff and talking about what you like!) and also a chance to be appreciated for what makes you unique.  We all walked away feeling like winners and appreciated for our style.  And for those of you that may worry about how it portrays women – I can honestly say as a staunch feminist that this was probably the most inclusive and feminist experience I have had.  All of us were what you would call intersectional feminists --doing it OUR way--whatever that may be.  And that was completely empowering.

The competition started with a summer wear round:

I made my swimsuit from a 1940 McCall pattern (McCall 3640)--literally the day before the competition. It had been sitting in my sewing queue for years.  So I was happy to have an occasion to show off what I think is the ultimate swimwear pattern.  I'll do a proper blog post tomorrow dedicated to the construction of the swimsuit....but I'm super happy with the result!!

And I got to show it off onstage :)  How cute is the tie back?

The second round was evening wear and the interview combined.  I think it's safe to say we were all nervous about the interview but luckily we got the questions in advance so there weren't any surprises.  The three questions were:

1. Who is your pinup style icon and why?
2. What would you say your best feature is?
3. If a genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?

So nothing too challenging.  I was the last one to go for each of the rounds (they chose the order by random number assignment) and I really liked being able to listen to everyone's responses – the questions really did give everyone the chance to shine and showcase their unique selves :-)

Here's are some behind the scenes photos as we are getting ready for the last stage call.

I just love this picture of me and @markeedesaw getting ready:

There were many selfies and photos being taken:

Look at these glam girls!!!

I wore my 1938 McCall 'THE Awards Gown' for the final round:

And somehow survived the interview round – it is a bit of a blur what I actually said! haha

Everyone did phenomenal!  We had the most amazing judges too.  Below is Pedro, but there was also the amazing Claire Marie (@clairemarieglasgow) and Mini Blue (@minibluepinup).

Here's a handful of my favourite photos from the evening wear round:

And the winner was: Alice Higgins (@finella420 on instagram):

The winner and runner ups --everyone looks so happy!

 All in all, it was an amazing experience!  Something I would highly recommend to others :)


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