Monday, March 12, 2018

Sista Love

Thanks to all the love on instagram for these photos..I decided to do a blog post on the dresses from my 40th birthday sister's extravaganza to Hawaii :)

My sister is so awesome and I'm so happy that we got to spend my birthday together and it's a great excuse on her birthday (today) to dig out these fabulous photos!

What I love is that these photos totally capture our relationships --lots of laughter and fun.  And it was so nice to be in the beautiful sunshine!

So onto the dresses!  The time was too tight for me to sew my own tiki dresses for the trip, so I decided to do the next best thing which is to support another seamstress.  I got the blue tiki dress from    She's Dynamite Clothing

I just adore the fit of this dress.  The back is ruched meaning it fits comfortably and I love the cross over bodice effect and the cascading fabric down the side front – a true tiki dress!

The second dress and petticoat are from Pinup Girl Clothing and the dress is by Laura Byrnes.  I have to say this is probably my favourite reproduction clothing dress I own.  The quality of the fabric and construction is so good.

I know there are patterns out there for this type of style but I can honestly say that I probably wouldn't get the same fit as this dress provides (I've heard how hard it is to actually get those shelf busts to fit and look right especially if you need full bust adjustments).  And I certainly wouldn't have lined it as well! hahaha.  

Alas, this particular print is sold out but I did find it in another print.  I'm kind of thinking of trying out the other dresses from this line.

My sister is also rocking an awesome dress she bought at a local shop in Hawaii – how fab is the print and design?  I love how we have different decades...she totally rocks the 60s and 70s and I do more of the 40s and 50s!

What a fab trip and I'm so glad I had an opportunity to post these pictures. They make me so happy!!


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  1. I have seen a pattern very similar to your dress. Sort of 1950s, if you do not mind skipping ahead a decade now and then. Think it would be fun!


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