Thursday, March 15, 2018

True Vintage: 1950s Snowflake Sweater

What to do when it snows in Edinburgh?  Wear your favourite 1950s beaded sweater that reminds you of snowflakes :) 

I'm a huge sucker for 1940s and 1950s beaded sweaters.  I own two – both in beautiful pastel colours with white beading.

I got this sweater at Carnivale Vintage shop in Edinburgh. You will hear me talk of this shop a lot because the owner, Rachel, is a dear friend and a fab member of the vintage community, regularly hosting fun get togethers in her shop and always up for a vintage adventure!

I thought it would be nice to do a regular series on some of my favourite 'true vintage' pieces.  It's so wonderful giving a vintage garment or accessory a new life and treasuring it as I imagine it's original owner(s) did.

What I love about this sweater in particular is that the beading is on the side of the sleeves as well as down the front and all around the bottom of the sweater:

Gah, what a great piece--I just love it to bits!  I am hoping to sew up a few boleros and do some beading myself but I appreciate the high quality of vintage beading.

Perfect atmosphere to appreciate a vintage snowflake weather! Thank you Edinburgh :)

Photos: @Dashiee

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  1. Debi, It's a lovely sweater and surely great fun to match the colors to your surroundings but ... that is real snow out there. Aren't you freezing?!?


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