Sunday, July 22, 2018

McCall 3580: The 'Gardener's Cottage' Dress

Another pink and flowers inspired me-made outfit for the glorious Edinburgh summer!

This is McCall 3580, a wonderful summer dress with a matching short sleeved jacket.  I just adore the lines on the jacket with the serious shoulders, unevenly spaced buttons (which allow the jacket to be worn buttoned up or with a lapel.  The jacket can be made in long or short sleeves and I opted for the latter.

This fabric that I used may look familiar:

In fact, I've used this exact fabric combination --the lightweight wool-like hot pink fabric and the breezy and lightweight flower cotton fabric --for my last me-made outfit, the pink pinafore and floral blouse:

I just adore this summer dress pattern--it features a v-neck bodice connecting to a waist panel before going into a gathered skirt:

The back features a straight back bodice connected to the two shoulder straps:

This isn't the only double-take with this outfit as I've actually used this 1940 McCall pattern before for my 'Weaving Destination' Dress:

You can see in my previous green dress iteration that I didn't quite get the straight bodice piece low enough--something that I was able to correct on this version! YAY!  The fit is way better on this newer version.

Overall, I am super pleased to have another 1940 sundress in my closet and one that goes so perfectly with all my hot pink accessories (like these awesome Bait Footwear sandals! yippeee).

I'm also really pleased with the jacket's such an unusual style. I will have to try ironing the lapel into it and see what it looks like--thought I like it straight like this too!  It's also great to be able to make several outfits with the same fabric and colour scheme as now I can mix and match!


We took these pictures in the Prince's Street Gardens in Edinburgh (photos by the lovely Darja Bilyk)--I especially love the Gardener's Cottage.  Doesn't this dress just look like it was made for that cute little cottage and a spot of rose gardening?



  1. Hi Debi, Been having problems posting my response to your very pretty new seasonal dress. Will you be following the local flower colors on through mid September? Fun!

  2. I wish for the great of success in all of our destiny endeavors


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