Saturday, July 14, 2018

McCall 3595: The 4th of July Playsuit

So excited to be able to share my me-made 1940s 4th of July playsuit!

I used McCall 3595 -- another pattern from The 1940 McCall Project.  It's an amazing button down all-in-one shirtwaist playsuit with a matching skirt.  I didn't make the matching skirt as I already have a great navy vintage one in my wardrobe that goes perfectly with the playsuit.

The playsuit was slightly tricky to construct --especially all those buttons!  It's also tricky to wear as it's all one piece (which makes using the loo tricky as you virtually need to disrobe! ha!)  and you can imagine that you need very good posture to ensure the buttons don't gape!

I was gifted this amazing shirt-weight red and blue striped fabric from my friend Magdalena.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for something 4th of July related --and then I settled on this playsuit pattern.  The buttons are vintage ones that I already had--so that sealed the deal for making this pattern!

The back also has a shirtwaist effect and is slightly puffed with an inverse pleat on the bodice back.  

The waistband is set in and I made it so the stripes were horizontal for the belt section:

Overall, quite pleased as I was treating this as a wearable muslin test run for this pattern.  I probably would go in a darker colour the next time as the pale fabric can look a bit washed out against my very pale skin! hahaha. 

But I do love the stripes in the shirtwaist playsuit--it is very evocative of the 1940's look!


  1. Very timely and cute. If people can celebrate the holidays and the changing of seasons with food, why not with fabric? Clothes last longer and have no calories!

  2. It’s adorable!.. as are you! You are an inspiration.. I’m sewing this afternoon 😀


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