Friday, March 29, 2019

Butterick 8761: The Teal Pencil Skirt

It's been ages since I've sewn a pencil skirt--and I love them so much! So this new classic teal pencil skirt is a welcome addition to my me-made collection.

It features a high-waisted and longer length styled pencil skirt:

I used Butterick 8761 which is a 'quick 'n easy' pattern.  I made version A with the great tab detail at the back. I also really like the cute little faux pocket on Version B (hmmm...perhaps another version in my future?).  The pattern is literally one main piece that is then darted at four places in the waist front and four places in the waist back to create the silhouette.  It was pretty quick, taking about 2 hours to make! Score!

I had this amazing teal lightweight wool fabric in my stash from a previous project--this 1940s swing coat.  I made the swing coat about 8 years it's taken some time for it to find it's perfect companion in this pencil skirt!

I made this swing coat from a 1940 McCall pattern, which I subsequently gave away (now slightly regretting that as I would have liked to make version B with the belted back!--but alas, I have so many other 1940 McCall patterns to get to--so I hope it's new owner is giving it lots of love :)

The 1940s swing jacket paired with the pencil skirt is so reminiscent of the classic 1950s shapes. I paired the outfit with some amazing teal seamed stockings from What Katie Did UK and my favourite teal tartan Ness shoes.

Va va voom...pencil skirts are so sexy despite being quite modest!  I love the tab detail at the back:

We took these photos in an area of Edinburgh where I used to live when I first moved to the city and one of my favourite places: Dean Village.  It's almost a small secluded village type feeling right in the city centre. It used to be an old mill town on the outskirts of Edinburgh and well, the city just grew up around it. It's still a hidden gem--not immediately visible but super easy to get to and so beautiful!

I also really like my half poodle hairstyle done by Ariana at Vanity Thrills :-) I'm trying to experiment with more 1940s and 1950s styles!

Doesn't this look like a German village? I love the colours and I'm really so happy with this bright and cheery pencil skirt suit!

What about you? Are you a fan of pencil skirts? Swing jackets? Have you paired them together?


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  1. Does Dean Village attract many tourists? I would certainly go! I like the tab on the skirt too. But I also remember those long narrow skirts as hard to walk in. Slower is safer on cobblestones, right?


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