Thursday, September 26, 2019

Embroidered Seaweed: The 1960s Seaside Dress

This is the most fun sewing that I've had in a long time!

I just adore this fabric and dress pattern.  The pattern is Vogue 3767 from the 1960s and I made the version with the short sleeves but also really love the other two looks as well:

The fabric is an amazing embroidered silk that I got in Myanmar. I have to say some of my best border print fabrics have been purchased in Asia.  I just love this print and I placed some of the border print on the bodice of the dress.

One thing that I'm not used to is sewing the wider shoulder bodice of the 60s patterns...I'm so used to the narrow and built up shoulders of the 1940s. But I really like wearing this style.

We took these photos at the Scottish seaside and I wasn't anticipating how perfectly the dress colour would match the wind strewn seaweed--but somehow it works wonderfully in drawing out the colours of the dress.

I also had these shoes before I bought the fabric and I can't believe how well they go together!

It was such a windy Scottish day and the dress held up great--no Marilyn moments...hahaha.

I actually have some more border print fabrics--one in an amazing purple colour that I'm thinking of revisiting this pattern with--perhaps the sleeveless version with the bows at the shoulder?

I'm now also in love with this colour combination--green with coral. It's funny because this year I'm very much drawn to the colours I wear least (at least in the past)--so expect to see many more green and purple outfits! :)  What about you? Are you drawn to certain colours at the moment?

Photos: Darija Balyk
Shoes: Bait Footwear

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