Friday, September 13, 2019

McCall 3729: The 'Seaside Dress'

 I'm really trying to cram in the last of my summer sewing! haha.

I started this dress about a year and a half ago and I finished it quite quickly...except for the hem and facings. Then it sat for approximately 14 months waiting to be hemmed and finished! Why do I do this? It's just those last finishing steps which I drag my feet on...other projects are always so much more interesting. But the good news is that occasionally I get in the mood to just FINISH things already! Then I go crazy with the finishing steps that have piled up.

I used McCall 3729 for this dress. It has an adorable tie front element. I made the dress in a very lightweight cotton. It will be fantastic for wearing to really hot climates for some of my work travel (and anywhere outside of Scotland. lol)

The great thing is that there are lots of customizable options with the dress. The little front tie can be changed up. So I could change the colours to give it more a pop. I'm wearing it above with my me-made jacket from McCall 3580 (check out the blog post here). 

Speaking of customizable options. This is a close-up of the fabric--look at all those colours. It looks subtle from a distance but with the right accents, I could pair this dress with lots of different colours from pint to blue to yellows and reds.

We took these amazing pictures at the Scottish seaside town of North Berwick. It's about a 40 minute train ride from Edinburgh and had been high on my places to visit.

Seriously, I can't believe it's taken me this long to get to this wee town. It's so picturesque and adorable. I could spend all day wandering the streets and also hanging out on the beach.

It was SERIOUSLY windy on the day I visited--though I think this is pretty normal. I'm super happy with how my dress held up in the wind! No major Marilyn moments! haha.

Overall, I really like this dress design. It would be fun to try and make the other version with the bishop sleeve options and in a sheer fabric.
North Berwick was the perfect place to showcase the dress as it is also a very colourful town. Look at these wee colourful doors.  I love places like this!

What about you? Are you still summer sewing? For those down under are you excited to start summer sewing?

Photos from: Darja Bilyk

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