Sew Grateful Week

Sew Grateful Week is an annual event to give back to the sewing community and to show gratitude for everyone that supports us in our sewing hobbies.

 2016 Sew Grateful Week

Save the Date: 21-27 November 2016

2014 Sew Grateful Week

Another successful Sew Grateful Week! Thank you to everyone who participated!!  Here are the links:
YAY! So much fun (or sew much fun!)

2013 Sew Grateful Week

2013 marked the 3rd annual Sew Grateful Week and took place from February 4-10.  The week was divided into many activities.  Here are the round-up links for Sew Grateful Week 2013:

Thank you to everyone who participated! It was such a fun week!

2012 Sew Grateful Week 

What an amazing Sew Grateful Week!  2012 saw an unprecented number of participants and lots of gratitude in the sewing community.  It was wonderful.  If you missed it, you can catch up here...

Here's all the posts from the week, in case you missed any:


2011 Sew Grateful Week

The first Sew Grateful Week in 2011 happened during the week of the U.S. holiday, Thanksgiving.  It was a perfect time to reflect on our gratitude for the sewing community.  

Here's a link to the posts...


  1. I posted my giveaway a week early but here it is.

  2. This is a link for a vintage dress. The dress is made in pink and it looks so lovely!


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