Thursday, March 4, 2010

My favorite Scottish company

My darling husband just got me a pair of wonderful wedges from Ness.  Ness is my favorite Scottish store. 

Founded in Edinburgh in 1996, Ness takes inspiration from the contemporary feel and flavour of its birthplace.  Here's what the founder says: "Scottish design doesn’t have to be all shortbread and country houses. We pay homage to custom through the use of tartan in a way that is more inclusive, stylish and we hope fun. Our look is chic and ageless – my aim is to give Ness pieces a free spirited, individual air, mindful of tradition but unrestricted by it."

And I LOVE it!  Ness recently introduced some great vintage inspired shoes including these wedges in a delicious tartan:

David got me these teal ones for Christmas!  The best thing for me is that they are all manmade (no leather!)  I have this horrible allergic reaction to chromium, which is a heavy metal they use to tan I can't wear any leather shoes!  Which has been slightly difficult when trying to get vintage these are great.  Plus they have matching purses....and clothes that match the colors in their tartans (I can get in so much trouble at their store because I am sucker for things that match!!)
I'm visiting the store in St. Andrews on Saturday so I'll let you know if I pick up any other goodies :-)


  1. Wow...I love them both! I'm glad I can wear leather shoes because I have the opposite issue. Manmade materials make my feet annoyed and sweaty and then my feet decide to be much too large to fit in the shoe. But only in that shoe.

  2. They are so cute!! I love the t-bar and the nice little heel. He's a talented hubby!

  3. Ooh, those are so cute... and they have the top pink in my size... and they are such a good price! And they also have lovely handbags! Thank you for making me discover this site... I think they might have just found a new customer!

  4. Wow, those wedges are so pretty. I've never heard of Ness before, which isn't surprising considering I don't live in Scotland, but all of their things look fabulous. I'm sitting here browsing their website and lusting after everything.

  5. that shop is fantastic! Thank you for the discovery!

  6. Both those pairs of shoes are gorgeous. I've never heard of Ness before but I'll definitely be checking it out the next time I'm up in St Andrews (which unfortunately won't be till next year I imagine) - in the meantime I can enjoy the website.
    Thanks for turning me on to another new source of footwear!

  7. The shoes are absolutely lovely, but they don't make them in my size... I'll have to make do with the bags. Thanks for the discovery!


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